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Deeply cleansing clay mask with bubbles
Contains purifying charcoal
Balances sebum + reduces pores and blackheads

Tonymoly Tako Pore Bubble Pore Pack is a Korean clay mask that forms bubbles, absorbing toxins and impurities from the skin. The face mask helps to balance sebum, absorb excess sebum, exfoliate the skin and deeply cleans the pores as well as removing and preventing clogged pores and blackheads. This face mask includes purifying charcoal, rotorua clay, marine extracts from plants, taurin (a type of amino acid), sea salt from the Dead Sea and natural minerals.

I like Tonymoly Tako Pore Bubble Pore Pack because it’s an incredibly exciting and affordable clay mask that feels fun and innovative. This is a good quality clay mask in my opinion. And the packaging is just too cute in the form of a black octopus! Tonymoly Tako Pore Bubble Pore Pack feels wonderfully cooling and relaxing when applied to the skin. The texture is like the finest and softest clay possible and almost like a mousse. Uncomplicated and fast face mask you apply in a minute. The product has a mild skin care scent with a hint of citrus. Soon the clay mask start to form bubbles on the skin. In just 3-5 minutes the skin is deeply cleansed and becomes clear and fresh. Tonymoly Tako Pore Bubble Pore Pack is suitable for normal skin, combination skin and oily skin types with blackheads, excess sebum and clogged or enlarged pores. An incredibly affordable and cheap face mask for less than €10 with free shipping from Korea. Read my full review on Tonymoly Tako Pore Bubble Pore Pack here.

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