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Cleansing balm
Cult classic type product
Light Sorbet-like texture

This is one of the most popular oil-based cleansing products in Korea ever. Leading formula with a unique texture recently copied by other brands. Here’s the original, a true cult classic and “must have” product from Korea. Available in a few different kinds such as “purity”, “radiance” and “resveratrol”. This is the original one.

I like Banila Co Clean it Zero because it’s an innovative, exciting, cool and effective cleansing balm. Banila Co Clean it Zero was one of the very first Korean skin care products I ever tried, and I have loved this product since day one. This is the first step in the Korean double cleansing routine, follow with a water based cleanser. This oil based cleanser melts away impurities and makeup from the skin without a whole lot of rubbing. And the scent is absolutely wonderful and fruity fresh. Unique solid balm texture which melts on the skin and becomes almost an oil. Definitely worth a try, especially if you just got interested in Korean skin care. Read my review on Banila Co Clean it Zero here. If you have very sensitive skin I would rather recommend the Heimish All Clean Balm since Banila Co Clean It Zero could potentially cause some irritation.

Banila Co Clean It Zero recently changed their packaging.

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