Aritaum Facial Cotton Pads x 2


80pcs x 2 boxes (160 pads)

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Proper good quality pads
Multiple use

Aritaum Facial Cotton Pads are a type of standard pads for gentle facial cleansing and for removing makeup. The pads are square and about 6 x 5cm in size. One side is soft and smooth like cotton, and the other more rough looking like a mesh.

I like the Aritaum Facial Cotton Pads because they are better and more useful than regular cheap pads from the Supermarket. I mainly use Aritaum Facial Cotton Pads for cleansing and for toner. If I’m using a lot of makeup, it’s nice to go in with the “rough” side of the pad for a proper cleansing. I use the soft side near the eye area, for example for eye makeup removal. Then I use the rough side on the rest of my face. If you’re cheap (like me), it’s actually possible to divide these cotton pads in 2 pieces, so they’ll last you for double as long. Then they become super thin and a minimum of product is required which is a big plus. No waste! You don’t want skin care products to disappear into the pads, which often happens with those thicker cheaper ones from the Supermarket. If you’re curious about Korean cotton pads then Aritaum Facial Cotton Pads is a really nice one to start with. Read my review on Aritaum Facial Cotton Pads here.

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