Favourite Youtubers talking about best Korean skin care & makeup, K-beauty Europe

Favourite Youtubers talking about best Korean skin care & makeup

I’ve watched a lot of Youtube videos by now. Here are my tips on some informative Youtubers using Korean skin care & makeup. We are talking bestsellers, must-haves and cult classics!

When I first started my interest in Korean skin care, I had no idea what to expect, which products were worth buying or even how to order from Korea? I have discovered many great korean skin care and makeup products through these 4 Youtubers among others.

I also intend this blog to help you as a consumer finding the right products for your skin type or skin concern. Introducing and presenting new exciting skin care and makeup products from Korea, as well as test the products for you to give you a good overview before ordering. See all of our product reviews here.

Youtubers testing Korean skincare & makeup

Youtube channel: Meejmuse

Youtube channel: Morgan TheBeautyBreakdown

Youtube channel: Joankeem

Youtube channel: Edward Avila

Do you know any other informative Youtubers talking about, and testing Korean skin care & makeup? Feel free to leave a comment.

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