Unboxing open package from Korea korean sheet masks Leaders Berrisom Leegeehaam sheet masks from Korea K-beauty Blog Europe

UNBOXING let’s open packages from you readers!

Time for unboxing you guys, and these are not just any old packages. These packages come from YOU lovely readers! ♥

Finally time for this exciting awesome unboxing video in K-beauty Blog. And these are not just any old packages. These my friends, come from you wonderful readers. More specifically from @littlemissbeautygroupie and @mirandaluxskincare@finino. I must have the world’s best supporters, don’t you think! I love it when you guys suggest products you think I should test and review. And even better, send them to me! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I know that several of you already buy sheet masks from lovely Nora at @finino and I’m so glad she introduced the Leaders brand in Sweden, I love it. If you’re curious about Leaders or Fininos range of products, please visit their website. Always fast delivery, free shipping to Sweden and like 3.90 euros shipping to the rest of Europe: www.finino.se/

UNBOXING reader packages!

Let’s do this! Here’s this week’s absolutely loveliest packages from very generous @littlemissbeautygroupie och @mirandaluxskincare@finino! Time for an unboxing video reader special:

Products in the video

Leejiham / Leegeehaam Dual Peptide Firming Mask
Berrisom Soda Bubble Mask Aqua Fruit
Dr. Oracle 21:STAY A-Thera Peeling Stick x 2st
Leaders A Breath Of Fresh Air Sheet Mask
Leaders Relax It’s Zen Time! Sheet Mask
Leaders Tropical Andiroba Nutrition Mask

Right now you get 20% discount on Leaders sheet masks from Finino.This offer i s only valid to this Sunday May 13th. Free shipping to Sweden and 3.90 shipping to the rest of Europe.
Shop here

Unboxing open packages from Korea Korean sheet masks Korean skin care K-beauty Blog Europe Berrisom

Unboxing open package from Korea Korean sheet masks Korean skin care K-beauty Blog Europe Leaders

Thank you so much @littlemissbeautygroupie and @mirandaluxskincare@finino! I’m beyond blessed to have supporters like you guys. Don’t forget about the 20% discount on Leaders. I’ll also share my review on Leaders Seven Wonders Sheet mask this very Friday!

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