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Next package from Korea, Korea’s like best skin care product ever?

Here’s the next package from Korea. A Korean skin care product I have been curious to try out for a long time.

This Korean skin care product is a true cult classic and must have! Well, one of Korea’s absolute best skin care products if you believe in reviews and blogs. I’ve been curious about this korean product for a long time and it’ll be so much fun to put this product to the test. Can you gues what it is? Let’s open this package from Korea. Here’s the next unboxing video:

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2 thoughts on “Next package from Korea, Korea’s like best skin care product ever?”

  1. Hi.

    May I ask where you’re living in Europe?
    I want to buy from the eBay seller recommended by you too. But I’m wondering how they deal with the import tax & duties. Do you have to pay for them?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Astrid, I live in Sweden. When they ship a few items from Korea, they mark the package as a “gift”. Then you usually don’t have to pay taxes at all. If you order large amount of products, maybe for selling, then of course you have to pay tax. As a private single person, I don’t think you have to pay taxes regarding gifts, but I might be wrong. Good luck with your orders from Korea.

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