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Top 4 best korean skincare products for dry winter skin

Here are my top 4 best and also affordable & cheap skin care products from Korea that will save your skin during the winter. No more dry flaky skin, I promise!

Is there any slower or more boring month than januaaaaari or what?
Everything is just cold and dark, at least here in Europe. So what do you do? If your skin is starting to look like a gray wrinkled raisin at this point, here are my top 4 best korean skin care products that will save your skin this winter. All at a very cheap & affordable price under 10 euros/pc with free shipping from Korea (from Ebay). In other words, cheap but highly recommended korean skin care products.

Are you tired of gray dry winter skin that lost all its life and luster? Do you feel transparent? Does your skin feel dry, rough or even peeling off in flakes at this point? If the situation seems hopeless, then take a look at my top 4 best korean skin care products for dry dull skin. They will truly help your skin through this winter!

Top 4 best Korean skin care products for winter dry skin

  1. Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

This lovely Korean facial scrub mask is based on sugar and will tear away every dead skin cell and cleanse the skin deeply. Expect to get the circulation going. Lovely scent of citrus and your skin turns from gray alien to rosy peach. Long, hot baths are a must in the cold winter months, and Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off will be your best friend.
Price: about 7 euros (free shipping from Korea)

2. TonyMoly Magic Food Golden Mushroom Sleeping Mask

I havn’t made a full review on this korean sleeping mask yet, but I myself have used this product regularly all winter. A proper, thick, rich sleeping mask that you apply as the last step in your skin care routine at night. Absorbes well by the skin without feeling sticky. Especially good for dry or very dry skin thirsty for nourishment. Your poor dry skin will thank you!
Price: about 8.50 euros (free shipping from Korea)

3. Korean sheet masks

Yes, but of course Korean sheet masks – a must! Choose deeply hydrating, moisturizing and healing sheet masks from Korea. For example, with shea butter, avocado, aloe vera or snail secretion filtrate. Honestly you just can’t go wrong with any Korean sheet mask regardless. A proper hydrating injection suitable for all skin types. Your skin will restore moisture balance and get fresh and happy again, even during winter time.
Price: about 1-5 euro / pc (free shipping from Korea)

4. Aritaum Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask

This korean lip balm is like Vaseline on crack. A proper thick lip balm which helps and heals dry, cracked, peeled lips in just a few days. This is no game! Once you’ve applied this Korean lip balm, it sits on your lips for hours. One can’t survive a winter in northern Europe without Aritaum Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask, trust me! This one is a game changer.
Price: about 8 euros (free shipping from Korea)

These are some of my top best favorite K-beauty skin care products for this winter 2017! Which ones are yours?

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