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Christmas gift idea #2 – Top 4 best cheap TonyMoly skin care & makeup from Korea

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts, especially if you plan to order them from Korea. Delivery can take up to 1 month, especially around Christmas.

How adorable are these!? Here are some fun ideas on cheap and affordable Christmas gifts from korean brand Tonymoly. Skin care and makeup suitable for most ages and skin types. I mean, who wouldn’t be happily surprised by a Christmas gift looking like a vegetable imported directly from Korea? Korean brand Tonymoly are known for their fun colorful packaging, and the products keep good quality dispite looking like toys from McDonalds.

Christmas gift idea #2 –
TonyMoly’s best skin care & makeup from Korea

Tonymoly are known for fun and colorful packaging which looks like fruits, vegetables and animals. Here are some ideas for Christmas gifts that cost only 1-4 euro / pc with free shipping from Korea. All of these products are very popular bestsellers in Korea and keep good quality even though most products looks like cute toys.

  1. TonyMoly I’m Real Mask Sheet
    I’ve talked about sheet masks from Tonymoly before Available in a variety of treatment areas and ingredients, such as aloe vera, red wine, pomegranate, lemon, broccoli or tomato to name a few. Tonymoly sheetmasks are cheap and affordable. And who doesn’t want a mini SPA at home? Suitable for most skin types. Buy multipacks to get a cheaper price per unit.
    Approximately 1-2 euros / pc with free shipping from Korea.
  2. Tonymoly Mini Berry Lip Balm
    How cute are they? There are different kinds like cherry, blueberry, peach, apple & mini tomato. The product is a nourishing lip balm with a delightful fruity scent, which gives some color to the lips. Available in different shades. Kinda like the Body Shop only better, cheaper and more fun.
    From 4 euro / pc with free shipping from Korea.
  3. TonyMoly Fruit Hand Cream
    Nourishing hand cream in a cute packaging. Let’s continue the theme of fruits. Who doesn’t want a hand cream with a scent of lovely peach in a jar that looks like an actual peach? There is also apple, tangerine or banana. Also check out another popular whitening kind of hand cream in this cute panda.
    (Tonymoly Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream)
    From 3 euro / pc with free shipping from Korea.
  4. Tonymoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar
    A cute popular bestseller in Korea. It’s a hydrating lip balm with both sheer color and shine. Available in a variety of shades.
    Costs about 3.50-4 euro / pc with free shipping from Korea.

Who wouldn’t want one of these adorable products from korean brand Tonymoly for Christmas? Although the packaging is similar to toys, Tonymoly keeps good quality products.
Have a great weekend everyone.

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