Best of Beauty Best Korean sheet mask 2017 Korean skin care K-beauty Blog Europe

Best of Beauty 2017 – Best Korean sheet masks 2017!

Here’s my “Best of Beauty” sharing my absolute top 5 best Korean sheet masks that I discovered in 2017!

Through this blog I get the chance to test & review so incredibly many lovely Korean sheet masks it’s crazy. We’re talking various sheet mask boxes and bonus masks from all sorts of brands when ordering K-beauty online. Some sheet masks are better than others, although most sheet masks usually holds a good quality I feel. Here’s my top list sharing the best of the best! If you’re curious about Korean sheet masks or if you’re already a K-beauty fanatic, don’t miss out on these lovely sheet masks from Korea – These are all my “Best of Beauty 2017”!

Best of Beauty Best Korean sheet mask 2017 Korean skin care K-beauty Blog Europe

Best of Beauty Best Korean sheet mask 2017 Korean skin care K-beauty Blog Europe

Best of Beauty –
Best Korean sheet masks 2017!

β™₯ Blithe Blue Zone Marine Intensive Mask Abalone
One of my absolute favorite sheet masks from 2017. Made of 100% bamboo fiber and feels incredibly soft, fresh and clean. Deeply hydrates the skin and the skin feels nourished and deeply hydrated using this lovely sheet mask. This sheet mask contains mineral complex, amino acids, proteins and fatty acids. The sheet mask stimulates collagen production, strengthens the skin and helps skin elasticity. Mainly suitable for normal to dry skin, mature skin and sensitive skin. So fresh I love it!
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β™₯ Tonymoly Age-Defying Snail Hydro-Gel Face Mask Sheet
A slightly more expensive Korean classic loved by many. This sheet mask gives immediate “Cinderella effect”. This is a premium sheet mask and a so-called hydro-gel mask. Looks almost plastic but it’s made out of an organic material. Comes in 2 separate parts. Packed with snail secretion filtrate, centella, algae and seaweed extracts to provide visible results to the skin. Anti-aging, deeply moisturizing and repairing the skin. Good fit and you immediately look smooth, fresh and well rested using this lovely sheet mask. A bestseller in Korea and I understand why! Hard to find on Ebay but sold at Sokoglam, Sephora and Ulta.
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β™₯ Polatam Pure Cream Mask Firming Radiance
OMG Polatam. I just love this amazing and deeply nourishing sheet mask. The essence is so incredibly milky and creamy. Feels absolutely lovely, gentle, caring and deeply nourishing. The skin really gets pampered with this one. Mostly a sheet mask for normal to dry skin I feel since the essence is more creamy and rich. I love this Korean sheet mask and I will definitely repurchase again and again!
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β™₯ Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask
A proper thick sheet mask of high quality made of 100% cotton. This sheet mask is suitable for just everyone I feel. Even the most sensitive skin and acne prone skin as well. There are two small mini sheets that you can fold over your eyes if you want to. Just sit back and relax. No perfumes, no additives, just gentle beautiful deeply hydrating essence. Relieves redness and irritation, soothes, calms and hydrates the skin. Feels premium and a really good quality mask in my opinion. Hard to find on Ebay but sold at Wishtrend and Sokoglam.
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β™₯ A’PIEU Real Big Yogurt One Bottle Apple
2017 year’s wild card! This little sheet mask doesn’t look very glamorous, but it was a bit of an AHA moment for me using it for the first time. Incredibly thin sheet mask for perfect skin contact on every small part of the face. Good adherence. Wonderfully cooling, refreshing and deeply hydrating. Suitable for just about any skin type. The essence is so lovely thin and translucent. And I just love the gentle scent of sweet green apples. It’s affordable and cheap too! If you like super-thin sheet masks then don’t miss this one. Also available with strawberry, blueberry and mango. A pack of 3 is only like 5 euros with free shipping from Korea.
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All of these Korean sheet masks hold a high quality and makes a difference in the skin I feel. These are my absolute top best sheet masks from Korea 2017, so awesome ALL of them!

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