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Which korean Mizon serum is the best one?

Everybody seem to love the snail serum from Korean brand Mizon. The product is called Mizon Snail repair intensive ampoule and is a bestseller in Korea.

More information about all the different Mizon serums here. I have ranked all Mizon serum based on information I found online. Number 1 is the most popular. The list is based on people’s ratings, reviews and experiences with the serums. All the Mizon serums and ampouls cost an affordable £10-15 / pcs:

  1. Mizon Snail repair intensive ampoule
  2. Mizon Hyaluronic acid 100 serum
  3. Mizon Peptide 500 serum and Mizon Collagen 100 serum
  4. Mizon Placenta 45 serum

I’ll order the Mizon Snail Repair intensive ampoule and the Mizon Hyaluronic acid serum 100. Then maybe the peptide one if I like the first two.

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