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Top 3 best Korean skin care products for winter dry skin

In the winter season (depending on where you live), the skin often feels tired, dull & extra dry. If your foundation is starting to look like crap, then here’s the rescue: Top best Korean skin care for dry skin!

You may not want to buy a whole new skin care routine just because it’s the winter season right? Another approach is to maximize your current skin care routine with 3 simple products that will make a huge difference to winter dry skin. I’ve found a couple of really good deeply hydrating and nourishing products helping my own extremely dry and flaky skin this winter. If your skin is tired and dull and lost all its natural glow and life. Or if your foundation suddenly looks awful, then I’m sharing the rescue in this post. My very best tips for dry and flaky skin that need extra nutrition and care.

Top 3 best Korean skin care for dry skin Korean skin care K-beauty Blog Europe

Top best Korean skin care winter dry skin

β™₯ Facial scrub / exfoliate
A good facial scrub is an absolute must to remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation in the skin. If your foundation suddenly sits on top of the skin enhancing pores and dry patches, then start with a proper scrub. A facial scrub also helps the skin to absorb and benefit from skin care products more effectively. I recommend Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off with the most wonderful sweet citrus scent or Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish with a more “adult” SPA type scent of lovely medicinal herbs. Both are sugar-based scrubs with a good tear. Add water for more gentle exfoliation. Use about 2-3g / w.

β™₯ Sheet mask
Korean sheet masks are basically always a must in my skin care routine, but especially important during the cold and dry winter season. Use sheet masks 2 times / week or more. My absolute favorite one for deep care and dry skin is Polatam Pure Cream Mask Firming Radiance. A milky creamy gentle and embracing sheet mask. Blithe Blue Zone Marine Intensive Mask Abalone is an incredibly fresh and cooling sheet mask that deeply hydrates the skin. I also recommend Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask, which is a proper good quality sheet mask. Sturdy and deeply hydrating. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. More tips on awesome sheet masks in my Best of Beauty Sheet Mask special here.

β™₯ Sleeping mask / Night mask
A sleeping mask is applied last in your skin care routine at night to add that extra nutrition. Apply this product on top of your night cream. A sleeping mask will lock in your other skin care products overnight and maximize the effect. This winter I’ve found a new favorite sleeping mask, namely the Hanyul Brown Pine Leaves Sleeping Mask. It’s a creamy but fresh sleeping mask that doesn’t feel too heavy or sticky on the skin. Imagine a lighter form of body butter for the face. Anti-age effect and it really makes a difference to winter dry skin. My skin immediately feels softer and more moisturized. Green mild scent. Maximize your regular skin care by applying Hanyul Brown Pine Leaves Sleeping Mask as theΒ  last step in your skin care routine at night. Let it work overnight. Can be used when in need or every night. Another tip is the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, a well-proven Korean classic, and a lighter kind of sleeping mask suitable for most skin types.

If you suffer from dry skin, then exfoliation is step 1. By removing dead skin cells, your skin can benefit and absorb other skin care products much better!

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