K-beauty testing panel: Sister's skincare young combination skin 20+ Korean skin care K-beauty Europe

K-beauty testing panel: Sister young combination skin 20+

The next member of the K-beauty testing panel is my sister, combination skin 20+. Pimples, breakouts and enlarged pores, a typical young skin.

Sister’s skincare young combination skin 20+

My sister has combination skin. She is extremely dry, especially around the mouth, which is extra tough in the winter when the skin just peels off, but at the same time she gets pimples. She also has an overproduction of sebum all over the face, and enlarged pores. Some blackheads on the nose, cheeks and chin. A classic young combination skin. She gets most pimples between the nose and mouth, on the cheekbones and down the jaw. Sometimes breakouts, especially during stress. She’s looking for light but hydrating skin care products that also allows the skin to breathe. No thick products that clog the pores. This is what happened when my sister tried Korean skincare for the first time.

My sister has a young combination skin type 20+ and tried EVERYTHING but never really found anything that worked for her. My sister has tried Loreal’s Skin Perfection line, Nivea Young line, ordinary soap and water, Clinique’s line for oily skin, Biotherm, special creams from the pharmacy, Idomin cream, rich Aloe Vera creams, facial oils and products from Clarins, but nothing has worked. She has also tried home recipes like chamomile tea as a tonic water, or daily scrub made with lemon juice and sugar. No results. Basiderm was much too drying. And facial cleansing from Yves Rocher with only natural ingredients and vitamin A cream in combination did not work either. Most skin care products have just made her skin even drier. The situation often seemed hopeless.

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