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The different skin care lines by Korean brand SU:M37

SU:M37 is one of my favorite Korean brands when it comes to skin care. It’s a luxury high-end brand in Korea, and their facial creams often cost around 80-150 euro / pcs. But there are ways to buy SU:M37 products for less.

If you buy samples you can get away cheaply, even when it comes to Korean high-end brand SU:M37. SU:M37 creams and serums in samples cost about 10-15 euros / 30pcs (30ml) with free shipping from Korea. Very affordable for the high quality you recieve. Here is more information about SU:M37 and all their different skin care lines.

Information about Korean brand
SU:M37 skincare lines

SU:M37 Time Energy line

he TSU:M37 Time Energy line focuses on problematic, troubled skin and and oily skin that is also dehydrated. The SU:M37 Time Energy line basically resets the skin to find that balance again. If you have troubled skin, combination skin or oily skin that seems hopeless, try the SU:M37 Time Energy line. This skincare line moisturizes the skin in depth, strengthens and repairs the skin.

SU:M37 Flawless Regenerating line

The SU:M37 Flawless Regenerating line is targeted towards women between 30-40 years of age, with early signs of aging. We are talking fine lines and small wrinkles. SU:M37 Flawless Regenerating line is nourishing, revitalizing and gives new vitality to tired, dull skin that has lost its luster. The SU:M37 Flawless Regenerating line keeps the skin smooth, even and flawless.

SU:M37 Extreme Time Control line

The SU:M37 Extreme Time Control line is for mature women between 40-50 years of age. This is skincare dealing with fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. The SU:M37 Extreme Time Control line is deeply nourishing with a relaxing effect. Provides firmer skin and an even complexion. The SU:M37 Extreme Time Control line stimulates the skin and keeps it soft and moisturized with the help of fermented ingredients.

SU:M37 The White Award line

SU:M37 The White Award line is brightening and revitalizing to help tired and dull skin. Also suitable for those with age spots or hyperpigmentation. SU:M37 The White Award line gives the skin new luster and a smooth even complexion.

SU:M37 The Secret line

SU:M37 The Secret line is possibly the best-selling line of all SU:M37 lines in Korea. SU:M37 The Secret line is suitable for dry skin, but seems to help many other skin types as well. SU:M37 The Secret line contain fermented natural ingredients that nourishies the skin deeply and increases the skin elasticity. SU:M37 The Secret line provides firmer and stronger skin.

SU:M37 Water Full Gel line

The SU:M37 Water Full line deeply hydrates, moisturises and refreshes the skin from within. Ingredients include fermented bamboo sap. SU:M37 Water Full line is a deeply moisturizing, refreshing, and light weight line designed for oily and combination skin.Β SU:M37 Water Full line also soothes the skin and reduces visible pores.

SU:M37 Losec Therapy line

TheΒ SU:M37 Losec Therapy line is deeply nourishing and brings new energy to the skin with the help of fermented natural ingredients. SU:M37 Losec Therapy line provides firmer and stronger skin and has a rejuvenating effect.

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4 thoughts on “The different skin care lines by Korean brand SU:M37”

  1. Hi, my name is Constance, live in Perth. Western Australia.
    Interested in SU:M37 products, at the moment I am using the
    Flawless range which is for a younger age. I am over 60 years of age.
    My skin is ok for my age but has spots o fpigmenations.

    Please advise the range to use. Thanks

    Kind Regards,


    1. Hi Constance,
      If you like Korean brand SU:M37 then check out the “The White Award” line treating age spots and dark spots, and the “Extreme Time Control” line especially made for mature skin treating wrinkles and lines.

  2. Hello, my name is Alice, live in Malaysia. I’m 18 years old. I’m really interested in SU:M37 products. I have combination skin and a lit bit of acne scars.

    Please advice me which SU:M37 products is suitable for my skin.

    Thank you πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Alice. I have tried a few creams from Su:m37 and i feel you simply can’t go wrong with this luxurious Korean high-end brand.
      I would say check out the SU:M37 Time Energy line or the SU:M37 Water Full Gel line.
      Maybe add a vitamin C serum for targeting acne scars πŸ™‚
      Also, check out this post on some of the differences between their skin care lines:
      I hope you find something <3

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