Korean skin care routine, thinnest to thickest. K-beauty Europe.

Korean skin care routine, thinnest to thickest

In the Korean skin care routine products are layered to say the least. For example, Korean serum and ampouls can be applied one after the other to benefit from all the different ingredients and treatment areas.

I do know what serums I need, one for wrinkles, one for dry skin and one for backing time about 10 years, AKA the forever young serum.
(Perhaps one that gives a bit of luck in money as well)

Are you confused in which order to apply all of this?
A good rule in the Korean skin care routine is to always apply thinnest to thickest. Start with the thinnest one and work your self up to the thickest product last. Learn more about the Korean skin care routine and the order for all different products here.

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