Korean skin care is better than European skin care! K-beauty Europe

Korean skin care is better than European skin care!

It is said that Korean skin care is at least 10-25 years ahead of European skin care. But is this true? And how is it even possible?

Is this really true? No one can say for sure that all Korean skin care products are better than in Europe, and they’re probably not. But after careful research, I myself started using Korean skin care exclusively. There are many who swear by Korean skin care, and say that their skin care products are at least 10-25 years ahead of Europe. This goes both in terms of formula, technology, packaging and groundbreaking innovations. In fact, many of the new modern products showing up in Europe already existed in Korea for many years, for example the cushion foundation or sheet masks.

Korean skin care is better than European, this is why:

  • The koreans obsession with perfect doll-like skin has had a direct impact on the production of high-tech, high quality skin care in Korea.
  • Consumers value natural pure ingredients as far as humanly possible.
  • Korean skin care is more natural and has far less additives than European.
  • This also means that even cheap and affordable Korean budget brands have unusually high quality when compared to similar cheaper brands in Europe.
  • In Korea, they care for manufacturing dates to ensure a fresh product.
  • The Korean consumer is aware and well-read. They read the contents on skin care and makeup before buying. Do you?
  • The contents of Korean products are more concentrated. For example, with a serum called “hyaluronic acid”, one can expect at least 30-50% hyaluronic acid or more. Korean Snail creams containing up to 90% or more snail secretions. No trickery or false advertising.
  • The prices on skin care and makeup are much cheaper in Korea than in Europe, even though the quality is high. A Korean face cream cost from 6-7 euro, a serum might be 10 euros and a cleansing product from 6 euros. This including shipping from Korea.
  • Korean laboratories are advanced and can basically copy any expensive cream formula.
  • In Korea, a company will get a new skin care product out on the market within six months, in Europe this process takes about 2 years. This means faster skin care development in Korea.
  • Korea has a unique, advanced and world-leading technology in skin care and makeup. For example the way they ferment ingredients to make the formula absorb more effectively by the skin.
  • Koreans are not afraid to try new powerful ingredients from plants or animals.
  • Many ingredients in Korean skin care comes from ancient medicinal herbs that are proven to work, and well renowned since many decades back.

Korean skin care has entered Europe and is here to stay. Sephora was first to sell Korean brands such as Tonymoly, Too Cool For School & Skinfood. And several Korean products have already won awards throughout Europe.

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