Innisfree It's Real Squeeze mask sheet mask x 16 from Korea. Korean skin care K-beauty Europe

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze mask sheet mask x 16 from Korea

It’s impossible to get involved in Korean skin care without hearing of sheet masks. Sheet masks are Korea’s answer to home SPA.

I’m browsing through all of these sheet masks from Korea. We’re talking about real masks with holes for the eyes and everything! A sheet mask is a disposable mask that you put on top of your face about 1-3 times a week. Well, whenever you want to give your skin an extra boost. There are endless variations, treatment areas and different ingredients in sheet masks from Korea. All korean brands selling skin care has a range of sheet masks. They usually cost about 1-5 euros / pcs. Koreans seem almost obsessed with these sheet masks!

I found this seller on Ebay selling an entire 16 sheet masks from Korean brand Innisfree. The total price is 15 euro including free shipping from Korea. That’s like under 1 euro / sheet mask. It’s a new seller on Ebay with just over 800 sales, but they are located in Korea and has 100% positive feedback. I took a chance and gave them an offer at 12 euros for all 16 sheet masks. We’ll see what they respond. When I get a chance to bargain I just have to try!

On Ebay you sometimes get the option to ‘make an offer’. With your bid you agree to the purchase if the seller accepts your offer. You’ll get a new lower price.

If my purchase goes through, I’ll be so happy! 12 euros for 16 korean sheet masks. That’s like 0.75 euros / mask. Good price I think!? With 16 different masks we’ll get the chance to try some of Innisfree’s range of sheet masks! The mask’s are called Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask and they are filled with nutrients from plants and fruits. Hope the seller accepts my offer at 12 euros. He has 48 hours to respond …

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