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More information about the OST Vitamin C20 serum

OST Vitamin C20 serum is one of Korea’s most sold vitamin C serums. Vitamin C reduces pores, prevents wrinkles and removes age spots and acne scars. The OST Vitamin C20 serum contains 20% pure vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant and exfoliates the skin.

Because vitamin C oxidizes very easily and loses its skin care benefits, it’s important to keep the vitamin C serum in a cool and dark place. The bottle is made of dark glass to keep the sunlight out. Some apply the OST Vitamin C20 serum in the dark for maximum effect on the skin, but this might be a bit overkill? Make sure to close the bottle and store in the fridge. Vitamin C serums can turn a bit more yellow over time. However, if the serum is an orange to darker tone, throw the bottle away. Then the OST Vitamin C20 serum would haveΒ oxidised and lost its effect.

Vitamin C serums, AHA and BHA acids make the skin more sensitive to the sun. Therefore use SPF in the daytime. I’ve also read that using a toner which lowers the pH balance of the skin directly before a vitamin C serum maximizes the effect of the vitamin C. You can also use a vitamin C face cream or moisturizer immediately after the serum. Vitamin C serums are most effective for the first 15 minutes. Some experience a tingling feeling on the skin for a few minutes but the sensation can decrease as the skin gets used to the vitamin C over time.

Korean Vitamin C serums should be used within 3-6 months when they are fresh. Look on the bottle for the manufacture date. If you receive a vitamin C serum that was made 6 months back the product is already old.

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