Korean brand It's Skin Macaron Lipbalm Korean skin care and makeup K-beauty Europe

Have you seen korean brand It’s Skin Macaron Lipbalms? OMG they’re so cute ♥

Isn’t It’s Skin Macaron Lipbalms just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Korean packaging, I’m speechless!

It’s Skin Macaron Lipbalm from Korea, what a pretty product, don’t you think? Korean skin care and makeup really have the cutest packaging I’ve ever seen. It’s Skin Macaron Lipbalms are available in a couple of different flavors and colors. How about chocolate, strawberry, grape, pineapple or green apple!? This product is more or less a regular moisturizing lip balm from Korea which looks like a macaron. No color on the lips really, but a lovely scent and moisturizes and softens the lips. A classic lip balm in a jar which is applied with your finger. Well, who doesn’t want such a cute macaron in the purse? I know I do! They are sold at Sephora for like 10 euros / pc, at least in England. Swedish web shop Bonnybonny are selling these sweet macarons at a discount right now, 7 euros / pc. Shop here.

Korean brand It's Skin Macaron Lipbalm Korean skin care and makeup K-beauty Europe

It’s Skin Macaron Lipbalm are also available on Ebay for like 4.50 / pc with free shipping from Korea. This product comes in a pack of 9 gr. A classic moisturizing lip balm applied with your finger. Mild fresh scent. It’s Skin Macaron Lipbalm has received high ratings in reviews online. And sure, it’s just an ordinary lip balm, but the packaging is just absolutely wonderful. Sure makes me craving!

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