Curious about Korean brand The History Of Whoo. K-beauty Europe

Curious about Korean brand The History Of Whoo

I’m just so curious about the Korean brand The History of Whoo. It’s one of Korea’s most luxurious brands, and has a different texture and formula than any other cream on the Korean market.

Korean luxury brand The History of Whoo is using nano technology which makes their skin care products super-efficient and effective even in the deeper layers of the skin. Lee Young Ae is a brand spokes person, and she is absolutely flawless and have perfect skin at age 45. The History of Whoo’s skin care products contain nourishing medicinal herbs and plants, and the creams have a unique texture that no other brand has. A thick, buttery texture which is effectively absorbed.

Many skin care products by The History of Whoo is highly rated in various reviews and articles. 5/5 everywhere you look. I just have to try out this Korean brand. The jars appear to be made of gold and jewels, and that’s always a bonus!

The History of Whoo’s products cost hundreds of pounds, but there are ways … More about that when I order.

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