Banila Co Clean it Zero, Korea's most popular cleansing product! K-beauty Europe

Banila Co Clean it Zero, Korea’s most popular cleansing product!

When you start reading about Korean skin care, it doesn’t take long before Banila Co Clean It Zero shows up on the radar. But what is it that makes this Korean bestselling cleansing product so popular in Korea?

The last package I opened from Korea, was the Korean bestselling product Banila Co Clean It Zero. Highly rated in blogs, magazines, award winning and sold in millions. I must admit that it was love at first sight when I tried Banila Co Clean It Zero for the first time. It’s an exciting cleansing product I must say, and you don’t really know what to expect?

The texture is much like stiff honey, a white balm, a sherbet-like solid formula. On the skin, Banila Co Clean it Zero melts into a vaseline-like oil that melts away all the dirt, impurities and makeup with ease. The scent is just wonderful and fresh. Skin becomes clean, smooth and moisturized in one sweep. Banila Co Clean It Zero makes me happy, for real! Read my first impression review here.

Maybe it’s the unique texture that made Banila Co Clean It Zero one of Korea’s most popular skin care products ever?

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