Trusted Ebay sellers shipping from Korea. k-beauty Europe

Trusted Ebay sellers shipping from Korea to Europe

Right now some sellers have stopped shipping to Europe due to the Corona virus.

This list was last updated November 22 / 2019

These are all (in my opinion) trusted Korean Ebay sellers shipping directly from Korea to Europe. They have all received high ratings and sold products to many thousands of satisfied customers. The ones on top of the list also have huge K-beauty webshops outside of Ebay: JOLSE, Beautynetkorea, RoseRoseShop, Cosmetic Love & Wishtrend. I’ve bought a lot of Korean skin care & makeup products from all of these Korean sellers. I feel that they are all trusted and reliable selling 100% authentic Korean products. All of these sellers are located in Korea offering free shipping to Europe. I recommend all of these sellers. This list is updated continuously.

Trusted Ebay sellers in Korea

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If you want to order Korean skin care or makeup from Korea via Ebay, then check out these trusted Ebay sellers shipping directly from Korea to Europe. Cheap prices and free shipping.

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52 thoughts on “Trusted Ebay sellers shipping from Korea to Europe”

  1. Hi, do you know if zoneforbuyer sells genuine products? Thanks πŸ™‚ Item location often says from korea, but shipping is from china/HK/taiwan so I am a bit hesitant

    1. Hi Sharon, I have no idea about zoneforbuyer. All the sellers listed in this post are shipping from Korea in my experience. Have a great day!

      1. Thank you for your reply ^_^ . I just ordered a Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm in Purple from this seller and was a little bit worried as I read many fakes of this specific BB cream exist, so that’s a relief. I see you have received the Pink version from, can’t wait to read your opinion!

        1. Hi Renee, on Ebay “IamLove-shop” claims to be shipping from Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea and everything I bought from them came from Korea, not the US. Hmm, maybe they are both based in Korea but targeted towards US/AU customers.. Not sure! <3

  2. I ordert a lot from blueprint21 but now they dosn’t sell anything anymore. For the last thing I bought (12/17) I have to contact paypal because never received like many others too.
    shops I can’t recommend is trust seller for you and sweetcorea. Both have good ratings but the products I got look to me like counterfeit and were never produced like that

    1. Hi Mandy thank you for telling me this. Something must have happened to this seller? I have ordered a lot from blueprint21 in the past without any problems. But I will remove them from this list since they don’t sell anything anymore anyway.

      1. Yes same here. I ordert so so many products and everything was fine.
        I also ordert from sweetcorea they have pretty pretty low prices what made me bit skeptical. And then one product I ordert came in a different packaging so I wrote the manufacturer and they could sort out my concerns. So everything is fine do far.

        1. Hi Jeniffer,
          Ebay does NOT have any hidden costs, free shipping is free shipping yey πŸ™‚
          Before ordering though, check your country’s regulations on customs and stuff like that to make sure,
          otherwise you’re good to go!

  3. Hi, I am new to Korean skincare πŸ˜‰ Do you know any trustful online shop for sheet masks in Europe or Germany?

  4. hi, i am interested to buy sulwhasoo samples before i buy the full size. Recently i found asiaholic but i heard there are a lot of fake samples. Is asiaholic trusted seller that sell genuine products?

  5. Hi Leeann, I bought many samples from Korean seller asiaholic and feel they are absolutely trusted. They sold over 8600 items and 99,99% good ratings, I say go for it <3

  6. Hi I have a qustion, I always order cosmetics from trusted sellers even those from your list. But always packaging is different from those which I buy in local store with korean cosmetics. Do you maybe know if packaging is somehow adjust to the market? Can it be different for Europe and Asia? For Europe writing is in english and for Asia korean?

    1. Yes, I’ve seen that some packaging can be different for US / European market with slight differences in packaging. Stick to trusted sellers and you should be good <3 <3 <3

    1. Hi Colinda, I’ve never bought anything myself from “beautycosmetic” but they are based in Korea, and they sold over 3000 products having 99.9% good ratings, I feel they should be legit πŸ™‚ <3

    1. Hi Lisa, Yes, I feel it does to 99%. In case your item should get lost or be broken or anything like that, Ebay will step in for a refund. Check if your country might have additional fees or customs, if not shipping from Korea is free in my webshop <3

  7. Hello!
    What’s your opinion on ibuybeauti? (*.com and eBay)

    Edit: Sorry, spelled it wrong when I first tried to comment. It’s ibuybeaUti not ibuybeati

    1. Hi Nox, I havn’t bought anything from their webshop but I have bought from Ibuybeauti on Ebay, no problems there πŸ™‚ If this is the same seller then should be ok as well <3

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