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TokkiTokki new Swedish webshop selling Korean skin care.

I found this webshop last week, Tokki Tokki. Mainly shipping to Sweden at the moment, but it’s possible to contact them directly with orders from other countries.

The founder of TokkiTokki is Meeree Kim and she comes from Seoul, Korea. She and her husband moved to Sweden and together they run TokkiTokki, an online store selling K-beauty. After searching for good skin care products in Sweden butΒ unfortunately not finding any, Meeree decided to start her own webshop importing and selling K-beauty in Sweden. Meeree’s husband soon began to use Korean skin care, and together they are very passionate about K-beauty and TokkiTokki.

TokkiTokki says: “K-beauty is not just a range of products but a whole philosophy that is part of Korean culture about how to care for your skin. All Korean beauty products exist within the framework of this philosophy that primarily deals with the skin before putting on makeup. Good skin is key. In the West there’s a different approach trying to cover up and hide the skin with makeup. In the case of skin care, it’s more of a reactionary attitude. Ie panic when wrinkles appear running and buying an overpriced cream instead of taking care of the skin in prevention of aging from a young age. Perhaps the most appealing part of K-beauty is that it’s skin care for everyone and not a luxury for a few as it tends to be in the west. TokkiTokki thinks good skin care should be available to everyone. “

Tokkitokki is a Swedish based online store sellings korean brands like Missha, Holika Holika and Neogen to name a few. More brands are soon included, for example A’Pieu. Mainly shipping to Sweden at the moment, but you can contact the store if you want price information from abroad. To the webhsop Β»

Have you purchased Korean products from Tokkitokki? Please comment and share your thoughts. Check out Tokkitokki’s discounts at the moment.

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