Shop safely and securely directly from Korea via Ebay, K-beauty Europe

How to shop safely from Korea via Ebay

I am guilty! I’ve been an eBay junkie for ages and clicked my way through cheap china copies, perfumes, wigs, electronics and Korean skin care. I just love Ebay!

Ebay and Amazon are very good resources when shopping for Korean skin care and makeup. Sometimes it’s difficult to to get hold of Korean products from Europe in any other way. Prices on Ebay are also much cheaper than European web shops and there’s a lot of money to be saved. Have you ordered anything from Ebay before? Feeling unsure? Here are my top best tips for safe shopping from Ebay.

Shop safely from Korea and Ebay

  • First of all, open a Paypal account. Never pay directly with your credit card on Ebay or Amazon.
  • Always, always pay with Paypal. It’s safe and secure and you’ll get your money back if the product never arrives, if you get the wrong item or if it’s broken.
  • Use search tabs β€œBuy Now” and β€œLowest price including shipping” to order products by the lowest total price including shipping to your country. (No auctions, no hassle)
  • Ensure that the shipping is free or very low, for example 2 euros or less.
  • Don’t always choose the cheapest product! Some research on the seller goes a long way.
  • If you want to buy Korean products, only buy from sellers located in Korea and not from China (to avoid fakes).
  • In fact, China is producing a lot of K-beauty fakes looking almost identical to the original product. Therefor, make sure to only buy from sellers in Korea.
  • Make sure the seller has received nice reviews and really high rankings, at least 99% satisfied customers or more.
  • Make sure that the seller is well established aka a β€œtop-seller” with many thousands of sales in the past.
  • If the seller offers returns and money back guarantee, that’s a good sign that they are selling genuine Korean products.
  • If the price is crazy low, it might be fake.
  • Check if the product in mind have received any reviews? Read them to see if people are happy with the product.
  • Read some of the negative comments as well. Did the seller fail to deliver? Any deceived buyers? Or maybe selling fake products? Why where people unhappy?
  • Be prepared for a shipping time up to 2-4 weeks from Korea.
  • If you are still unsure about which sellers are safe, check my list with trusted sellers I use myself here.
  • OR check out my web shop. Every link is carefully selected linking to the lowest price from a trusted seller. Links are updated every week.

Have you already received your order from Korea? This is how to tell if your korean products are real or fake.

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