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Shop safely on Ebay ordering directly from Korea.

Here’s my complete guide to safe K-beauty shopping ordering products directly from Korea from trusted sellers on Ebay. Save up to 50-75% off compared to European prices!

I’ve been shopping on Ebay frequently for at least 15 years or more. I’m talking hundreds of products and transactions, and orders from many different countries and continents such as Asia, the US and European countries. My experience is that Ebay is absolutely safe! And also much cheaper than buying the exact same products in regular European stores. On 1 occasion only in 15 years, my product went missing without being refunded, and the seller just disappeared. In some cases I got the wrong item or a broken item and I was always fully refunded plus keeping the item. Most Ebay purchases run smoothly with no interruption. However, there are some details to keep in mind to secure your purchases and make sure that your products are genuine goods. Are you curious to buy affordable products on Ebay? Do you feel a bit unsure about Ebay? Here’s my complete guide to safe K-beauty shopping on Ebay.

K-beauty unboxing bonanza open package from Korea K-beauty Blog Europe All about Korean skin care
Super mega UNBOXING HAUL all week in K-beauty Blog Europe. Open packages from Korea K-beauty Blog Europe

I consider Ebay absolutely safe. Most Ebay purchases run smoothly with no interruption what so ever!

Shop K-beauty via Ebay

Several of the largest genuine Korean webshops are also available on Ebay. These sellers are considered 100% trusted with genuine Korean products. Some examples are Ebay sellers beautynetkorea, iamlove-shop (JOLSE) and kr.cfactory (Wishtrend). Also visit my webshop here to find my best recommended Korean products from well established trusted Korean sellers from which I order myself. The links in the webshop are updated weekly.

Before you order

โ™ฅ ๏ธSet up a Paypal account, it’s free!
โ™ฅ ๏ธTransfer money to your Paypal account before shopping on Ebay, it’s like a regular transfer
โ™ฅ ๏ธMake sure the money will be drawn from your Paypal account and not from your credit card
(check your settings in Paypal if you have a card connected to Paypal)

Shop smartly from Ebay

โ™ฅ ๏ธAvoid credit card payments on Ebay, even if it’s considered safe.
โ™ฅ ๏ธAlways use Paypal for high security.
โ™ฅ ๏ธAlways double check if it’s free shipping to you country.
โ™ฅ Check you country’s customs fees before ordering.
(There are different fees in different countries, some have none)
โ™ฅ ๏ธTry to buy everything from one seller to lower the customs fees.
โ™ฅ ๏ธClick on the seller’s name to find all of their products.
โ™ฅ ๏ธUse “Buy Now” and “Lowest price including shipping” to sort products by the lowest fixed total price to Europe.
โ™ฅ ๏ธIf the seller is offering returns and money back guarantee then it’s a good sign of genuine products.
โ™ฅ ๏ธPut all products in your shopping cart “add to cart” before paying.
โ™ฅ ๏ธIt’s easy to remove or update items inside the cart before payment.
โ™ฅ ๏ธPay for all products with one transaction, especially if you buy from one single seller.
โ™ฅ ๏ธ1 package = 1 postal fee / customs fee.
โ™ฅ ๏ธOrder together with friends and share postal and customs fees.

How to avoid K-beauty copies / fakes

โ™ฅ ๏ธMake sure that the seller is located in Korea / South Korea
โ™ฅ ๏ธDon’t shop from China as they often sell K-beauty fakes & copies
โ™ฅ ๏ธMake sure the seller is well-established, preferably a โ€œtop-sellerโ€
โ™ฅ ๏ธThe seller should have at least 3000 sales in the past
โ™ฅ ๏ธThe seller should have at least 99% good ratings or even higher
โ™ฅ ๏ธIf the price is extremely low the product might be fake, pay attention!
โ™ฅ ๏ธRead the seller’s reviews before placing an order
โ™ฅ ๏ธCheck out my entire list of trusted K-beauty sellers here

If the item doesn’t show up, is broken or fails?

โ™ฅ Contact the seller directly via Ebay’s own messaging feature
โ™ฅ Contact the seller after 28 days if the item has not arrived
โ™ฅ ๏ธAsk Ebay to step in if the seller doesn’t respond
โ™ฅ ๏ธDo not wait more than 30-32 days before notifying Ebay
โ™ฅ ๏ธYou can usually choose whether you want a new item or a full refund
โ™ฅ ๏ธWhen Ebay steps in, you usually receive a full refund within 48h-72h

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You usually save up to 50-75% by ordering K-beauty directly from Korea. However, the shipping time is between 2-4 weeks to Europe.

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