Order from JOLSE K-beauty for 400 euros Order Korean skin care from Korea K-beauty Blog Europe

Mega order from JOLSE. 400€ worth of K-beauty !

How are you doing guys? Do you just like me, wonder from where to order K-beauty cheapest nowadays, during the corona crisis?

Many long months have passed since the Corona virus broke out, and I haven’t ordered Korean skin care from Korea since the fall of 2019! Guess if mine and my friends’ skin care shelves has been more or less empty for a while now. Everyone is pretty much desperate for K-beauty at this point. We need lots of facial creams, serums, masks and cleansers. After some research on Ebay, I’ve noticed that almost all of my favorite Korean sellers are either charging a high shipping cost, no longer ships to Europe or simply stopped their shops for the moment. In addition, I’ve been wondering if the shipping from Korea will still go smoothly during the Corona crisis…

Eventually I had enough and I finally took my chances and placed an order from Korea. We’re talking a lot of K-beauty for the price of €400. Yesterday I finally placed a huge mega order from the Korean web shop JOLSE! JOLSE offers a good range of products and brands, nice prices and there’s always a lot of discounts on their website. They’re usually fast and shipping is like 2-3 weeks to Europe. They are also generous with free products and samples with every order. We’ll see how things work out this time. Me and my friends ordered together and we always share customs. The shipping cost was relatively low and ended up at about €20 if I remember correctly. I suspect that this order is at least 6-7kg of Korean skin care or more… I’ll keep you updated and I’m very excited indeed hihi!

Mega order from JOLSE Korea

Order from JOLSE K-beauty for € 400 Order Korean skin care from Korea K-beauty Blog Europe

Above all Korean products I’ve ordered from JOLSE Korea. I have ordered many of the same products, for example the Tonymoly Shea Butter Face & Body. I actually order 5 tubes on that one. It’s probably best to buy bulk during Corona times, do you agree? €400 poorer and now one just have to keep the fingers crossed that the delivery will arrive safely in Sweden as soon as possible. I’ll keep you posted for sure! By the way, do you see any Korean products that you’re extra curious about? And can you spot the one japanese product in the bunch hihi?

Have any of you ordered K-beauty from Korea in the past six months? How fast was the shipping to Europe? Feel free to share in the comments.

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