New order from Korea: Sulwhasoo serum and eye cream. Korean skin care K-beauty Europe

New order from Korea: Sulwhasoo serum and eye cream

Let’s try Sulwhasoo, one of Korea’s best, most luxurious and most popular high-end brands when it comes to advanced skin care. Women in Korea swear by Sulwhasoo’s skin care for generations.

I’ve just ordered a serum and eye cream from korean brand Sulwhasoo. Honestly, I tried a brand new seller on Ebay who only had 300 reviews. But they are placed in Korea, offered very cheap prices and had high ratings. So I took a chance on this order, just like I did when I got hold of Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream EX very cheap. One must remember that Sulwhasoo is one of Korea’s absolute best, most expensive and finest high-end brands and their products actually cost like 100-150 euro / product when buying full size. When you find samples this cheap, just make the deal. I would recommend buying samples and trials in terms of Korean high-end brands, especially if you are cheap like me.

Order from Korea,
Sulwhasoo serum & eye cream

♥ Sulwhasoo Essential Revitalizing Serum
1ml x 30pcs (30ml) samples / 9 euros (Free shipping from Korea)
Ebay seller: jco_shop

♥ Sulwhasoo Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream EX
1ml x 30pcs (30ml) samples / 9.40 euro (Free shipping from Korea)
Ebay seller: jco_shop

I primarily recommend to buy products from popular, good sellers in Korea. But sometimes you might take a chance, especially if the prices are cheap at a max of 5-10 euros. When you pay with Paypal, you’re protected and you’ll get your money back if something goes wrong.

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