Korean skin care from eBay. Real or fake? K-beauty Europe

Korean skin care from eBay. Real or fake?

How do I know that the skin care products I ordered from Korea is really genuine? I don’t think anybody would want to try the Korean 10-step skincare routine using fake products from China and have their face fall off. I mean, I don’t even know what it sais on the packaging. Here are some good tips on how to tell between genuine and fake korean products:

  1. Start before you order. Find trusted online stores and sellers located in Korea and certainly not China. Here is a list of stores and trustworthy sellers offering authentic Korean skin care.
  2. Read this article on how to find trusted sellers on Ebay.
  3. If the products are genuine, it should be labeld in Korean on the packaging, not just English.
  4. The product does always say “made in Korea” on the packaging.
  5. Fake products don’t always have batch codes and manufacturing dates, look for those on the packaging.
  6. Google the seller before ordering, for example “seller name + trusted eBay seller?”. You’ll see right away if others have been cheated or if the seller seems trustworthy.
  7. Google the products you’ve revieved, and compare them with the packaging online. If your products looks the same as the real thing, it’s a good sign that you’ve received genuine korean products.

When you buy from eBay, you can almost never be 100% sure. But with good research on the seller, the risk is very small to recieve fake korean products.

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18 thoughts on “Korean skin care from eBay. Real or fake?”

  1. Hi, I’ve just bought Mizon All on One repair cream. On one side of the box it shows the manufacturer address ending in “Gyeonggi-do, korea” I noticed Korea is spelt with a lower case “k”, is this a sign my product is a fake? I thought it was odd a Korean company would misspell their own country’s name.

    1. Hi Ken,
      From which seller did you buy this cream?
      I don’t have my box left but on the jar it says “MADE IN KOREA” capital letters.
      I havn’t seen any fakes of this particular cream, and searching the web I found both “Korea”
      and “korea” as you describe, hard to tell… If you bought this cream from a trusted seller you should be good I feel <3
      Showing the box just as you describe, you should be good! I don't think your cream is fake <3

  2. Glad i found your page. I recently tried a sample size bottle fo Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum Ex and loved it! So I bought a full size bottle on Ebay. The seller is located in the US, item arrived in 4 days. It’s off setting that the seller wrap the item in news paper so there’s ink spots on the packaging. The actual bottle of the product looks and feels good and smell like the sample i tried, I compare the prints online, they look legit but I can’t find a manufacture date or expiration date on the bottle or the packaging! Do all Korean beauty products has them dates on them? Is the one I am got a fake?

    1. Hi Jo Chen,
      I always buy from sellers located in Korea. I have no experience from US sellers.
      If your packaging looks legit comparing to the real thing, and the product smell and feel right, I feel you should be good!
      Sometimes the date is on the actual product / bottle, sometimes on the wrapping packaging / box.
      There should probably be some kind of date somewhere? Very strange…

  3. Hi
    I got the j.one jelly pack an under the line is also written by re:cipe. Now I read that these are fake products and were never produced like that. Do you know anything about that ? Also the black jelly pack I got came in a black box but should be white.

  4. Hi im glad i found your blog, i’m so bothered about the korean product i bought in souq.com, a famous online shopping here in saudi but i have noticed that there are difference in the packaging like the placement of the labels in the box and instead the claims where refine skin tones what i bought is refined skin texture it is from etude house 10 in 1 wonder pore freshner and the snail bee high content essense from benton.. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

    1. Hi Girlie,
      I’m glad you found my blog too. I googled souq.com and they seem to sell some fake products like electronics, beautyproducts, clothes and accessories. There might be differences in packaging when companies change packaging and so on.. I havn’t seen any fakes of the Etude House 10 in 1 wonder pore freshner before, and not of Benton product either. It’s very hard to say. Try to compare your products to online stores like JOLSE, Beautynetkorea, Soko Glam or Cosmetic Love to see if your products look right or not

  5. Hai. Glad to read your page. I would like to ask. Im about ti buy missha time revolution. From seller in one apps. As i search most of them says the only way to differentiate the originality of missha essence is by seeing the “zyosys” written on the bottle. Is it correct? Well the seller even show me the box showing that the item is from company who produced missha but that can be cheated right? Do u have any idea

    1. Hi Marima,
      Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence has been developed in several “generations” and Moist is the most recent one. “Zyosys” and “Intensive” are recent ones from 2015-2016. I don’t know which app you are using, but please make sure they sold a lot of items, are located IN Korea, and received only high ratings. Otherwise, visit my webshop to find a good seller and cheap price of this essence (+ free shipping). Have a great Sunday <3

  6. Hi! I just bought a Missha night repair Ampoule from a seller on eBay. But i cant figure out if it is fake. I’ve seen pictures were the top is silver with Missha logo on, and silver print on the bottle. But mine is gold/bronze both print and top, and without logo on the top. Do you know if it’s fake?

  7. I bought the Missha time revolution clear toned from Amazon but it doesn’t have the thing that means only good 12 months after opening on it should I be worried that it might be fake.

  8. Hi Suhana,
    Did you buy from a trusted seller? Sometimes the manufacturing dates are written at the packaging and sometimes on the jar or bottle.. If you have a number at the bottom of the bottle this should indicate “us before date” 20100206 for example…

  9. hi im glad i find this blog i bought laneige online its laneige 4 in 1 multi cleanser the label is made in korea i search it in goole i cant tell if the product i received is fake or not .
    i bought it in shopee.ph

  10. Hi I recently bought missha product online and the parcel was directly sent from Seoul based on parcel tracking, do you think theres still a possibility of it being fake ?

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