Delivery of skin care from Korea. It's like Christmas! K-beauty Europe

Delivery of skin care from Korea. It’s like Christmas!

OMG packages are arriving from Korea in my mailbox. Feels like Christmas eve or something! Who doesn’t love presents.

This means that 4 Korean sellers delivered in just 2 weeks time! Good job really, when I chose the free shipping alternative. Free shipping can take one month or more from Asia in the worst case scenario.

Don’t know if it’s just me, but every time I open a package from like Asia, I’m afraid something gross will crawl out, like a large cockroach or some scary bug… 

My very first package from Korea contained an eye cream from the Korean high end brand SU:M37. I had a hard time deciding on an eye cream when ordering from Ebay since I’m new to this Korean thing. I felt that 30ml of eye cream for like £8 was a good deal. Then to get the product in 30 x samples is another story. We’ll see how far it’ll last. I believe that an eye cream from Clinique is usually around 15ml and cost about £30, ie half as much product but 3 times more expensive for an eye cream here in Europe.

The package from Korea. I got:

30 x 1ml samples SU:M37 Losec therapy eye cream – £8 / 30ml
2 x 1ml samples SU:M37 Flawless regenerating essence – free
Ebay s
eller: Makozzang

Delivery of skin care from Korea. It's like Christmas! K-beauty Europe

Help I’m a little scared. Tonight I will try my first products directly from Korea. Call 911 if you don’t hear anything within 24h.

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