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I’m very much pregnant in the middle of the Corona crisis!

Hi guys. I hope you stay healthy during this extreme Corona virus spread around the globe! I’m sending an extra big hug to all of you who are feeling scared and anxious in this moment of crisis.

As you’ve probably already noticed, I haven’t posted anything in the blog nor on Instagram in the recent past weeks. And that has its natural reasons as you can imagine. I have decided to take a break from the blog at the moment as my situation, like many others, is a bit out of the ordinary at the moment.

Any how, I would really like to share some good news with you guys, a small glimmer of light in this “time of crisis”. I am very much pregnant and I expect my second child in April. And I also have contact with some of you pregnant readers who are in the same situation as me. Maybe not the best timing to give birth, but one need to keep going and hope for the best. At the moment, we’re keeping our daughter home from pre-school to avoid the Corona virus. At least until I give birth in April. In Stockholm, we pretty much stay home, go for short walks, play and of course treat ourselves with lovely Korean skin care, sheet masks and long hot baths. With that said, I am taking a break from the blog for now, just for a while. But some stories may pop up on my Instagram in the near future. And you can still of course search for products in this blog, get lovely K-beauty inspo and read my previous reviews, recommendations and tips. I’ll keep the links in the web shop updated. And you are more than welcome to comment, send me pm or ask if you have questions about something…

Are you just like me pregnant? Or maybe worried, scared or anxious about the virus? Protect yourself and take care of each other. Although this is indeed a “world crisis” at the moment, it will pass eventually. Stay positive and hang in there you guys!

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