OST Vitamin C20 serum from Korea is a bit scary. K-beauty Europe

OST Vitamin C20 serum from Korea is a bit scary

Are there actually less wrinkles around my eyes today? My skin feels firmer and tighter than usual, or is it just my imagination?

Korean product OST Vitamin C20 serum stings a bit on the skin when applying. Not much but still. You feel like you had a sunburn for the last 24h. OST Vitamin C20 serum is a strong and active product and I only use it every other night trying to rejuvenate my skin. The tingling feeling disappears as soon as the other products in my Korean skin care routine is applied on top of the serum. During the evening and night, the skin is still slightly warm, kind of like when you’ve had a jog or your’re very tired and blushed (not quite that hot, but you get the feeling).

My skin continues to feel warm even the day after using the OST Vitamin C20 serum, and even after my morning routine of cleansing, essence, serum and eye cream. It sort of feels like there’s something going on in the skin, like when you sunburn and try to save the situation with some aloe vera cream. The skin feels dry and tight, not dewy and moisturized as from the other korean products I tried. Hmm, what’s next?

I would never tan or sunbathe the day after using the OST Vitamin C20 serum, skin already feels hyper sensitive and kind of burned. To be continued…

Be careful with vitamin C serums dear friends, especially those from Korea which contains 20% pure Vitamin C. This is serious business.

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