OST Vitamin C20 serum from Korea is killing me! K-beauty Europe

OST Vitamin C20 serum from Korea is killing me!

NOOO. I just read that one should only use a few drops of the Korean OST Vitamin C20 serum, I’ve used the entire pipette full for weeks! OMG.

One should apparently only use a maximum of 2-3 drops of the Korean product OST serum Vitamin C20 serum. If you have sensitive skin only 1-2 drops is more than enough. I’m practicly burning my skin off right now. Imagine a day in the Kalahari desert without sunscreen. Not so nice. I’ve used a lot more than 2 drops for the last few weeks! I tell you that much. More like the entire pipette full, maybe 15 drops or more. OPS! One should probably read a little more about Korean products before going bananas, but I thought to myself:
– A serum is always good for the skin, the more the better… I was wrong!

No wonder that my skin feels hot, dry and sunburned. The vitamin C exfoliation burned off the top layer of my skin. I kid you not! My fingerprints no longer exists, it’s all flat. Gotta take it down a notch with the OST Vitamin C20 serum from Korea if I’ll survive this. Do I have to stop using it?
Well, I would choose wrinkles over burning my face off every day of the week!

Note to self: be careful with Korean serums and exfoliators that contain acid! Especially with a concentrate of 40% vitamin C.

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