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My top 4 “worst korean products” I won’t buy again!

A reader called @lkandlife on Instagram suggested a little challenge for me and the blog. To write about Korean products that I didn’t like! Here’s the result.

This challenge “worse Korean products I didn’t like”, was more difficult than expected. 99.9% of all Korean products I’ve tested so far are really good, great or awesome! But I gave this challenge a try and today I’ll share 4 products that haven’t really worked for me for different reasons.

My top 4 “worst Korean products” I won’t buy again!

OST Vitamin C20 serum
This was the first and truly only Korean skin care product that just didn’t work for my skin. (I might have used too much product). OST Vitamin C20 serum is highly concentrated and very effective serum which has worked very well on my sister’s acne and acne scars. Awesome serum in many ways. A maximum of 2-3 drops is more than enough. On my dry skin, this product just didn’t work. My skin became flushed and felt very tight. I had to stop using it after just a couple of weeks, read why here. OST vitamin C20 Serum therefore received 3.5 / 5 after testing the first few weeks. My full review and more information about the OST Vitamin C20 Serum here.

Missha The Style Nail Polish Remover, Sweet
Now, maybe Koreans are best at skin care produkcts I know. But Missha The Style Nail Polish Remover Sweet wasn’t really as good as I’d hoped for. It’s a perfectly ok nail polish remover that does the job. But it’s no better than anything you can buy cheaply at the nearest mall. A small plus is the cheap price and the sweet scent after using it, but that’s about all folks. I rated Missha The Style Nail Polish Remover to 3/5, read my review here.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner 10 in 1
It’s perhaps surprising that this Korean toner made it to this list, not because it’s a bad product, but because it’s incredibly effective on pores. One should use this product sparingly when first testing it. Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner 10 in 1 is one of Korea’s most popular toners treating pores. Praised and loved by many. But this toner definitely doesn’t work on sensitive skin. If you have the slightest sensitive skin, then Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner 10 in 1 might dehydrate your skin and give you breakouts and pimples. (I’ve seen this happening on 3 of my friends). The pore minimizing properties doesn’t work well on sensitive skin at all. With that said, this is a very effective and deeply cleansing toner treating pores, which nevertheless resulted in high ratings 4.7 / 5 in my review here.

Holika Holika Healing Nails Strengthener
I bought this product to strengthen my soft and fragile nails that easily breaks and divides. Holika Holika Healing Nails Strengthener is an ordinary nail strengthener. The nails became shiny and the product protects the nailes somewhat, but no wow effect what so ever. The quality is compareable to any old nail strengthener from budget brands like Depend or Essence. Considering the cheap price of 3 euros, it’s an OK product, but it’s been lying in myΒ drawer for months barely used. That’s why it’s on my “worst products” list today. I rated this product 3.5 / 5 in my review. Read my full review on Holika Holika Healing Nails Strengthener here.

Have you tested a Korean products that were bad or that you just didn’t like at all, please share in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “My top 4 “worst korean products” I won’t buy again!”

  1. Wow! I didn’t know the wonder pore was affecting the people with sensitive skin. I did a review on my blog for this product and it was working well for me, well, because I don’t have sensitive skin. It’s been years and I haven’t had any problems but this was very informative. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jessica! Yes it’s a great and very effective toner, but I’ve seen breakouts in several people with sensitive skin unfortunately. Apparently the pore tightening effect can be bad for sensitive skin. But I’m very glad this product is working well for you. Have a great day Jessica!

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