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Cheap samples! Korean skin care.

By now, I’ve ordered a lot of Korean skin care products from Ebay, and I must say that the samples are really good and cheap! You often get a lot for your money, sometimes even more product for cheaper price than if you buy the full size product. Yes it’s true!

Always look for Korean samples. I don’t feel samples can be fake either? The advantage is also that you can test out a product for £2-5 including free shipping from Korea, before buying the full size. A very affordable way to test out all the Korean bestsellers.

1 sample 1ml last approximately 2-5 applications depending on type of product. 10ml is therefore sufficient for 20-50 applications.

Cheaper price with samples from Korea

Let me give you an example. The History of Whoo cream I bought the other day,  is a high-end, very expensive luxury brand in Korea and I paid:
– £6 / 20 ml (20pcs x 1ml samples). Free shipping from Korea.

The exact same cream in a full size 50ml jar is £80-130 on Amazon. The price difference for the product itself, the actual cream, is huge. Sure, you may not get a fancy jar, but in this example, the price is 5 times cheaper buying samples

♥ £1,6 per ml, if you buy a full size jar.
♥ £0,3 per ml, if you are purchasing samples.

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