9CC Purity Sea Cleanser Water Drops Cream sheet mask sensitive skin Korean skin care K-beauty Blog Europe

FIRST IMPRESSION: 9CC Purity Sea Cleanser, Water Drops Cream & sheet mask

I have tried and tested a bunch of products from Korean brand 9CC. Here’s my review on the 9CC cleanser, the facial cream and 3 different kinds of sheet masks.

9CC Purity Sea Cleanser Water Drops Cream sheet mask sensitive skin Korean skin care K-beauty Blog Europe

The 9CC skin care products contain marine ingredients from oysters and algae to name a few. This skin care line offers gentle products that are suitable for sensitive skin types as well. The 9CC marine line is mainly a hydrating line that is retaining moisture inside the skin throughout the day.

The 9CC products come in nice, handy and colorful packaging themed in turquoise, grey and red colors. These products have a marine theme to them with a starfish printed on the packaging. The line feels fresh and inviting making you curious to try the products. I really like the feel of a fresh marine skin care line with ingredients from the sea. I have tested the 9CC Purity Sea Cleanser, the Water Drops Cream and 3 different sheet masks. Let’s take a closer look!

9CC Purity Sea Cleanser

9CC Purity Sea Cleanser foaming foam cleanser from Korea Korean skin care K-beauty Blog Europe

9CC Purity Sea Cleanser include ingredients like marine collagen, fatty acids and mineral ingredients. This foam cleanser removes impurities and cleanses the skin while calming and soothing sensitive and damaged skin. The cleanser is also hydrating and helping the skin’s elasticity.

I used the whole tube of the 9CC Purity Sea Cleanser. A really nice foaming cleanser with no fuss. The product comes in a small and handy red tube of 100gr. It’s a bit smaller than many other Korean cleansers which are usually at 150-200ml. The product looks like a classic creamy pure white facial cleanser with a pearl shimmer to it. The cleanser has a nice, fresh marine / soap scent. The product foams easily and cleanses the skin well I think. The skin feels fresh and clean after use. A straight forward simple and pleasant foaming face wash that works well on its own, or as a second step for double cleansing. I would have liked the tube to be slightly bigger and more generous, but on the other hand this one’s easy to travel with. 9CC Purity Sea Cleanser is one of my favorite products from the 9CC brand and the cleanser is suitable for most skin types in my opinion. From normal and combination skin to oily skin types. The cleanser is also made for sensitive skin as well. However, the product will tighten slightly on dry skin types. Be sure to moisturize afterwards. This is a good foam cleanser without fuss, but the tube could have been slightly bigger. I would rate the 9CC Purity Sea Cleanser at 4.5 / 5

9CC Water Drops Cream

9CC Water Drops Cream face cream hydrating day cream combination dry sensitive skin Korean skin care k-beauty blog Europe

The 9CC Water Drops Cream contains a number of marine ingredients that hydrates, moisturizes, improves elasticity and radiance and retain moisture inside the skin. The face cream contains algae, black pearl and fine molecular collagen to name a few ingredients. Only safe ingredients that don’t cause irritation or redness. The face cream is also suitable for sensitive skin types. The product contains no antiseptics, added dyes, mineral oils or alcohol.

I started using the 9CC Water Drops Cream but I stopped due to the unpleasant glue-like scent. This product is a super unique facial cream with a very special texture to it. The cream forms small drops of moisture on top of the skin. The cream itself looks like a white, matte and slightly transparent gel cream. The texture goes from pretty solid to light and moist on the skin. And as soon as you apply the cream, small drops of moisture starts to form on top of the skin. It’s as if the cream creates an almost “oily” surface with pure moisture on top looking like 2 separate layers (see image). 9CC Water Drops Cream is definitely not a heavy nor thick facial cream but rather moist and light. The cream melts on the skin and has good absorption. Very refreshing and cooling moist feel when applied on the skin. 9CC Water Drops Cream is undeniably an exciting and completely unique product. But there is one small detail that really puts me off, and that is the scent. The product smells like glue and rubber, and if you’re sensitive to scented skin care, you might even become suspicious to applying this cream on your face. With that said, 9CC Water Drops Cream still hydrates the skin without causing redness or irritation. No stickiness. I experience this face cream to be gentle and non irritant. The product is suitable for most skin types in need of something “light and fresh”. The cream is absolutely ideal for normal to combination skin and possibly for oily skin types as well. The cream should also work well for sensitive skin, but it’s a bit too light for dry skin types. I really like the unique and exciting formula of this cream, but I really dislike the scent. I would therefore rate the 9CC Water Drops Cream at 3.5 / 5

9CC Sheet Masks x 3

9CC Sheet Masks collagen acne moisturizing face mask from Korea Korean skin care K-beauty Blog Europe
9CC Sheet Masks collagen acne moisturizing face mask from Korea Korean skin care K-beauty Blog Europe

9CC Sheet Masks come in lovely colorful packaging that goes in turquoise, grey and red. All 3 sheet masks are very similar to each other and you get about the same results on the skin with all three. These sheet masks are extra thin and generously soaked in transparent, “slimy” and light slippery gel-like essence. Because the material being thin and the essence is slippery, the sheet masks are quite hard to unfold. One have to try to pull the right corner from start. But once the sheet mask is placed on the face, it fits well. Comfortable, cooling and hydrating feel on the skin throughout the treatment period. Nice mild fresh marine scent on the gray and the turquoise mask. However, I felt a distinct smell of alcohol from the red Sea Collagen Heben Mask, and I therefore prefer the other two. The fit was perfectly OK even though the nose piece was way too short for my nose. The adherence was actually better than expected, pretty good indeed. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the 9CC sheet masks as the essence was light and fresh yet still properly and deeply moisturizing. The effect is deep going. The skin felt thoroughly moisturized and soft after treatment. The treatment time is recommended to 20-30 minutes, but if you have dry skin, don’t exceed 15-20 minutes because the sheet masks might start to dry after that. The blue & gray masks are highly recommended by me, but skip the red one which smells of alcohol.

I like the transparent fresh gel-like essence of these sheet masks. Despite the light essence these are still deeply hydrating masks that really makes a difference to the skin.

These are really nice and cheap deeply hydrating and budget friendly sheet masks that you can get hold of from just 1-1.50€ / pc when buying multi-packs. The gray and the turquoise masks are well worth the money I feel. But I think that a treatment time of maximum 20 minutes is the best as these masks can otherwise start to dry. A little minus because they were difficult to unfold. Big minus for the Red Sea Collagen Heben Mask which smelled of alcohol, not recommended. Otherwise, choose the sheet mask that is best suitable for your skin type. The sheet masks get an average of 4/5 in ratings from me. Nice, cheap and deeply hydrating. The blue and the gray masks are highly recommended by me!

9CC Juste Blanchiment Sheet Mask (Turquoise)
Hydrating sheet mask that improves the skin radiance and glow. Contains peptides from oysters and Aloe Vera. Afterwards, the skin feels sticky, deeply hydrated and properly moisturized. Recommended for normal and especially dry skin types.

9CC No Acne Clean Sheet Mask (Gray)
The sheet mask is soothing and calming the skin targeting acne. Contains 8 phytoextraction ingredients (Geminate Flower / Allantoin, licorice, Tea tree, witch hazel, rose, aloe, chamomile, Pusley / Purslane). Afterwards, the skin feels sticky, deeply hydrated and properly moisturized with a healthy glow. Recommended for acne and dry skin types.

9CC Sea Collagen Lifting Mask (Red)
The 9CC Sea Collagen Heben Mask is packed with marine collagen from sea cucumber, oyster extract and green algae. The sheet mask is targeting lines, providing plump healthy skin and soothing sensitive skin types. Afterwards, the skin feels sticky, hydrated and moisturized with radiance. However, this mask has a clear alcohol scent to it and there was the mask I liked the least. Not recommended!

So what do I really think about the 9CC skin care line?

9CC Purity Sea Cleanser, Water Drops Cream & sheet mask

I think that the skin care products from the 9CC marine skin care line have slightly mixed quality between them. Overall, I would really only recommend the gray and the turquoise sheet mask which had a proper and deep moisturizing effect on the skin. Otherwise, these skin care products are absolutely ok, but no “must haves” in my opinion. The cleanser is nice and fresh and it works well, but the tube could have been a slightly bigger. The face cream is completely unique of its kind, and hydrates the skin well with good absorption. And the face cream seems to be popular and loved online, but the glue type scent could definitely be improved. The product I didn’t like, and wouldn’t recommend at all is the red 9CC Sea Collagen Heben Mask which smelled of alcohol. The 9CC brand is absolutely approved by me. These skin care products are OK and they do work, but no aha-moment for me unfortunately…

I like the feeling of a refreshing marine skin care line. The 9CC products are perfectly OK, but no “wow feeling” for me unfortunately.

Product: 9CC Purity Sea Cleanser, Water Drops Cream & sheet masks
Price: 1-15€ / pc
Formula: Contains marine ingredients such as marine collagen and algae.
Skin type: All.


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