First impression review Son & Park Beauty Water toner from Korea Korean skin care K-beauty Europe

FIRST IMPRESSION: Son & Park Beauty Water

Son & Park Beauty Water, Korea’s best toner? This Korean toner is incredibly popular and hyped up in blogs and reviews. Let’s put Son & Park Beauty Water to the test!

Korean toner Son & Park Beauty Water is a true cult classic type product in Korea. Son & Park Beauty Water is kind of a multi purpose product. A toner which cleanses & exfoliates the skin but at the same time caring. Son & Park Beauty Water helps dull skin and dryness. The product also evens out the skin tone for a more even complexion. This toner is loved and praised in Korea as well as the rest of the world. Son & Park Beauty Water has recieved high ratings in reviews, blogs and on Youtube, and is also award-winning in Magazines. My expectations of this korean product was through the roof when I used it for the first time!

Son & Park Beauty Water comes in a plastic bottle, a little unexpected actually. I always thought that the bottle would be glass from images online? But still looks good and not heavy or ungainly as glass would be. The bottle still looks great on the bathroom shelf!

First impression review Son & Park Beauty Water toner from Korea. Korean skin care K-beauty Europe

I used Son & Park Beauty Water just like any traditional toner. I soaked a plain cotton pad with Son & Park Beauty Water and applied on my face right after cleansing. A fresh mild scent of skin care very similar to some of Sulwhasoo’s products, a sense of refreshing ginger and citrus. Son & Park Beauty Water actually cleansed away some dirt and impurities from my skin, even though I just did a double cleansing. This korean product is very gentle and doesn’t smell of alcohol which you might expect from a toner. Son & Park Beauty Water feels cleansing & gentlte, but also like a skin caring product. My skin felt clean and fresh after application and I continued with my regular skin care routine: Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence, Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum EX and Sulwhasoo Essential Firming Cream EX.

Hard to say the long term results of this product after just one use. But so far I really like Son & Park Beauty Water a lot! Price wise, if you consider getting a full 340ml product for 22 euros, this is actually an affordable product. I really like Son & Park Beauty Water and I certainly understand why this product is a popular bestseller in and outside of Korea. This product is gentle and caring and have a wonderful scent. Skin feels fresh and clean after application. Suitable for all skin types, from dry to combination or oily skin, and also for sensitive skin. I’m excited to continue to use this product over the next month. High ratings from me, as you might have already guessed. Korean toner Son & Park Beauty Water is most definitely worth a try regardless of skin type or preferences!

Son & Park Beauty Water is a really nice korean toner which nourishes and cleans the skin at the same time. I love this korean product!

Product: Son & Park Beauty Water
Price: 340ml / 22 euros or 500ml / 32 euros
Formula: Multi-tasking facial toner which cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin at the same time. Prepares skin for skin care or makeup. Free from sulfates and phthalates.
Skin type: ALL. From dry to oily and combination skin, also sensitive skin.

FIRST IMPRESSION rating: 4.7 / 5

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