FIRST IMPRESSION review Jolse Blotting Paper, removes excess sebum on oily skin Korean skin care K-beauty Europe.jpg

FIRST IMPRESSION: Jolse Blotting Paper

Jolse Blotting Paper from Korea, ideal to have in your purse to soak up excess oils and sebum during the day, instead of powdering your face over and over. Cheap and affordable product.

I got a free sample pack of Jolse Blotting Paper with my last order from Korea. Me and my sister have tested this Korean product. She has young combination skin and I have mature dry skin. Jolse Blotting Paper are rather small in size, but I think they’re bigger when buy the full size product of 25 sheets!? If you are very oily and shiny, you may need 3-5 blotting papers for the entire face, but this product works well.

FIRST IMPRESSION review Jolse Blotting Paper, removes sebum on oily skin Korean skin care K-beauty Europe

Carefully take out a sheet of Jolse Blotting Paper from the packaging, and gently press against the skin whereever you feel shiny and oily. Jolse Blotting Paper removes all the excess oil and sebum from the skin which becomes matt again. You can see on the blotting paper how much oil is absorbed. A handy little product to carry in your purse. Removes shine & oils from the skin instead of having to put on new powder several times / day. This product also works well without ruining your makeup or foundation. You can also use it on bare skin.

There are 25 sheets in every pack of Jolse Blotting Paper. And they are purchased in packs of 10, which means a total of 250 sheets. The product costs about 5 euros with free shipping from Korea. Definitely worth a try for the cheap price. Specially if you have combination or oily skin which often feels shiny and oily. Perfect for touch ups instead of adding another layer of powder!

My sister withΒ young combination skin says: Jolse Blotting Paper is easy to access from the packaging. I’ve tried others in more plastigt materials where I always ended up getting like 5 sheets when I just wanted one. So positive respons on the packaging! Jolse Blotting Paper does not remove everything with one sheet. I had to use 5 sheets to touch up my entire face. The product didn’t remove much makeup at all and my highlighter on the cheeks stayed intact. My face got a little redish right after using Jolse Blotting Paper but only for like 3 minutes. But all in all Jolse Blotting Paper is a good korean product!

Jolse Blotting Paper costs just 5 euros with free shipping from Korea. You get 10 packages with a total of 250 sheets. Cheap & definitely worth trying if you suffer from oily shiny skin.

Product: Jolse Blotting Paper
Price: 10 packages with a total of 250 sheets / 5 euros
Formula: Thin sheets which absorbs excess oils and sebum from the skin, without removing the makeup.
Skin Type: All, but mainly oily and combination skin


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