FIRST IMPRESSION: SU: M37 Losec therapy eye cream. K-beauty Europe

FIRST IMPRESSION: SU:M37 Losec Therapy Eye Cream

This eye cream from Korean high-end brand SU:M37 surprised me to say the least! The feel ofΒ SU:M37 Losec Therapy Eye Cream is just so rich and luxurious. I love the thick creamy texture. Absorbs perfectly and feels incredibly nourishing and silky smooth on the skin. SU:M37 Losec Therapy Eye Cream leaves the eyes completely relaxed and stress relieved. White color and the mildest scent of menthol and medical herbs. I fell in love with the SU:M37 Losec Therapy Eye Cream after just one use. Talk about top score for a first impression on this korean skin care product!

Definitely an AHA moment! SU:M37 Losec Therapy Eye Cream is equal to any luxury brand eye cream and comparable to Dior or YSL. The difference is the price, only 10 euro instead of 150 if you buy samples. Love it!

Product: SU:M37 Losec Therapy Eye Cream
Price: 25 ml / 150 euro or 30ml in samples / 10 euro
Formula: Fermented and highly nourishing ingredients from 10 kinds of natural plants. Rejuvenating and increased tightness and density. Anti-aging.
Skin type: Mature and dry skin


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