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Divided opinions on Korean serum OST C20 Serum Vitamin in the K-beauty testing panel. But all agreed on that this is a highly concentrated and very effective korean skin care product. Be cautious.

I patted in the Korean OST serum Vitamin C20 serum on my skin directly after cleansing, using my hands. I applied the product on my entire face, close to the eyes and mouth. OST Vitamin Serum C20 feels like a thin oil, and is almost completely transparent, just a faint yellow color. This serum has a fresh scent of citrus. After applying OST Vitamin Serum C20 I continued my skincare routine as usual with essence, other serums and face cream.

Use a maximum of 2-3 drops because OST C20 Vitamin Serum is a highly concentrated and a very active Korean product. If you apply too much product, the skin feels varm and sunburned. OST Vitamin C20 Serum should only be used at night since the skin becomes sensitive to the sun after application. OST Vitamin C20 serum is nicely absorbed by the skin within a minute.

The skin doesn’t turn red but you do feel that OST C20 Vitamin Serum is a powerful and effective korean product. Not suitable for sensitive skin. My sister with combination acne-prone skin use the OST Vitamin Serum C20 successfully every night. Her pimples basically disappeared.

Testing panel results: The editor mature skin 40+ skin feels tight, varm and extremely dry but suprisingly smooth and fresh in the morning even when sleeping poorly. Sister young combination skin 20+ pimples disappeared and the skin cleared out and got a more even complexion in just a few days.

Product: OST Vitamin C20 serum
Price: Β£12 / 30ml (Free Shipping)
Formula: 20% L-ascorbic acid with natural antioxidants prevents wrinkles and fine lines, brightens, removes age spots and pigmentation, reduces pores, blackheads and acne scars. Exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. Contains 100% pure vitamin C, not from derivat.
Skin Type: All, except for sensitive skin.


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