FIRST IMPRESSION: Banila co Clean it Zero. K-beauty Europe

FIRST IMPRESSION: Banila co Clean it Zero

Let’s test Banila co Clean it Zero, a Korean cult cleanser and ground breaking when it was first launched. unique solid balm type texture.

Banila Co Clean it Zero is a true cult classic and bestseller in Korea since long. I can certainly understand why! I thought this product would be like melting salt in an oil, but Banila co Clean it Zero has a more smooth and creamy balm type texture. In the jar the product is firm and solid but it melts like vaseline on the skin.

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Banila Co Clean it Zero has a mild fruity and fresh scent, and this products melts away dirt and makeup with ease. You don’t even have to rub a whole lot. Rinse with lukewarm water. The skin skin feels cleansed, super fresh and smooth like silk, but certainly not oily or greasy. I love this Korean cleanser. Perfect as the first step of the double cleanse routine.

I love everything about Banila co Clean it Zero. The scent is just wonderful and the skin becomes silky smooth. You need to try this product from Korea. Trust me.

Product: Banila co Clean it Zero
Price: Β£13 / 100ml
Formula: Soft sherbet-like balm type texture that cleanses, exfoliates, nourishes, tightens pores and hydrates the skin. Melts away impurities and makeup with ease. Contains papaya extract.
Skin Type: Normal, dry and combination skin


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