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Korean beauty hacks, silk pillow and less wrinkles

Are you one of those who sleeps face down on your pillow? If you usually sleep on your stomach or on the side, it might be time to invest in a silk pillowcase to save your skin.

Well, I’ve been thinking about the sleep situation. When applying layers of great Korean skin care and face creams, one doesn’t want to smear it all on the pillow, right?! I read about some Korean girl who talked about sleeping on the back, with the face straight up. But how many people manage to do that anyway?

You can help the skin by investing in a pillowcase made from pure silk. Silk doesn’t absorb as much as cotton and is much softer on the skin. Imagine rubbing your face against rough cotton every night. Might be time to switch to silk?

The face get pushed in to the pillow which wrinkles the skin. If you usually sleep on one side, you will probably get more wrinkles and lines on that part of the face. That’s the case for me actually.

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