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Beauty hack: Korean nail polish + eye shadow on your nails? Chrome / holographic nails

Korean nail polish + loose eyeshadow = beauty hack!
This is how to easily match your nails with your makeup and create chrome / holographic nails at home. Smart!

Yesterday I did the nails myself, at home. I just have to tell you about this beauty hack. Ordinary loose eyeshadow pigment / eye dust on the nails to create chrome / holographic / shimmer effects. Well, it works!

You may have seen Youtube videos with crazy nails, holografic powder effects and everything, but this technique also works with ordinary loose eye shadow or eye dust. It’s the same principle as when doing chrome nails and I just used my old white sparkly highligher. As base I used the pink nail polish Skin Food Nail Vita Alpha. Just before the polish dries fully, apply the powder eyeshadow / eyedust. One must be careful and easy on the hand, but it’s not particularly difficult. OK it’s not chrome nails, but fun to try. This is my beauty hack for this week.

Think about the unlimited shades and effects of nail polish you can create by matching different eye shadows with different nail polishes. Use eye shadows with chrome effect or duo chrome shadows with multicolor effect. Not to mention how easily you can match your nails with your makeup. Smart & fun beauty hack!

Nail polish effect with eyeshadow,
How to do it yourself at home:

  1. Apply the nail polish / korean nail polish
  2. Just before the nail polish has completely dried, gently dab on the eye dust / loose eyeshadow. Use a cotton ball or cotton pad.
  3. When the nail polish is completely dry, apply a protective layer of top coat.

Korean nail polish + loose eye shadow powder on your nails chrome nails multicolor beauty hack. Korean skin care K-beauty Europe

Products I’ve used:

  • Nail file polisher
  • Cotton pad
  • Tape to create sharp lines
  • Holika Holika Healing Nails Strengthener
  • Skinfood Nail Vita Alpha Sweet Happening Nail nagellack i fΓ€rgen #APK10
  • Glitter nail polish
  • Transparent top coat
  • Regular white sparkly highlighter
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