My Korean skin care routine, how it goes! K-beauty Europe

My Korean skin care routine, how it goes!

Update on my Korean skin care routine. How is it going you may ask?

I started in late April 2016 and added more and more skin care products from Korea in my skin care routine. Now, I’m soon up to 10 Korean products, talking about the Korean 10-step skin care routine. My wrinkle disappeared without a trace the other day and that was crazy nice. After that I’ve looked myself in the mirror about 10 times / day and made faces to see if the wrinkle is coming back. The risk is I’m getting new wrinkles because of all the strange faces I’ve made haha!

I must say that I like my moment in the bathroom every night and morning with my korean skin care products. Feels like a SPA! Free time is highly valued for a self-employed mother I must say. I have time to think and pamper myself. I take out my box of skin care and lock the bathroom door. My skin always feels moisturized and I get no pimples or blemishes at all anymore, not even during the week. My skin looks great. Crazy nice! Not to mention how nice foundation looks on a smooth hydrated face.

I don’t get pimples anymore, not even during the week. Not ever! I like that.

I’m starting to get handle on all of these Korean skin care products I feel. When I started I wondered what all of these ampoules, serums and essence are really doing for the skin. Many Korean products have no scent or color, and the texture is similar to water, but my skin looks and feels so good, now comes the next question. Should you have an extra suitcase for all the Korean skin care products when going somewhere? I can’t live without them now…

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