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Best hair care from Korea and Korean brands Innisfree & Nature Republic

Let’s take a closer look at hair care from Korea. More specifically, from brands Innisfree & Nature Republic.

A reader called Katarina asked me about Korean hair care a while ago. And I thought we would take a closer look at those type of products today. I have previously ordered hair products from a Korean brand called Ryo Hair Care, produced by Amore Pacific. Ryo is a very popular hair care brand in Korea, which specializes in hair problems like irritated scalp, dandruff and hair loss. The products include ginseng and asian herbal medicine. Good quality products I feel. I would also like to take a look at some of InnisfreeΒ΄s and Nature Republic’s most popular hair care lines.

Best & most popular hair care from Innisfree

Today, I thought we would look into Innisfree’s hair care products, offering everything from shampoo & conditioner to styling products, hair treatments & hair serum. Here are some of Innisfree’s most popular hair care lines suitatable for all kinds of hair needs and scalp concerns. These products cost around 10-12 euros / pc for large bottles of shampoo and conditioner (300ml each).

Innisfree Camellia Essential line
The Camellia Essential line are deeply nourishing products suitable for dry and damaged hair, especially during the dry winter season. Contains curing vegetable oils including camellia extract to keep your hair fresh, healthy and shiny.

Innisfree Green Tea Mint Fresh line
The Green Tea Mint Fresh line is as the name suggests, refreshing hair care with Jeju green tea and mint. Especially good for oily, fatty and greasy hair types. Sebum control and the formula makes the hair clean, fresh, airy and light. Deeply cleansing treating both hair and scalp.

Innisfree My Hair Recipe series
My Hair Recipe line from Innisfree is a whole range of hair care products for all types of needs and hair concerns. These products treat both the hair and the scalp. In this line there arefor example strengthening, soothing and moisturizing shampoo / conditioner and different type of treatments. “Calming” helps dry, irritated and itchy scalps. “Repairing” is deeply nourishing for damaged hair. “Refreshing” is suitable for oily, fatty hair. “Moisturizing” is deeply hydrating products for dry hair to give shiny, healthy and fresh looking hair. There are also products called “Curl up” for those with curly frizzy hair. These products include soybeans, Jeju Phytoncide Complex and Camellia Oil.

Hair care with Argan oil from Nature Republic

When I published a post about Korean hair care on social media, the Nature Republic Argan line soon appeared on my radar. Several of you readers have already tested these products and think they are very good indeed. I was instantly curious to try them and went all in! So I ordered a whole bunch of products right away from one of my favorite sellers in Korea:
Shampoo | Hair Pack | Curling EssenceΒ  | Deep Care Hair essence
Nature Republic Argan Oil Hair care from Korea shampoo conditioner K-beauty Blog EuropeThe Nature Republic Argan line is a deeply caring and hydrating line of products with argan oil. This repairing, nourishing line is mainly suitable for damaged and extremely damaged hair.Β The Nature Republic Argan line includes shampoo, conditioner, hair pack, hair essence and styling products. The products cost from about 7 euros / pc and have recieved high ratings in online reviews.

If you’re curious to try out hair products from Korea, then maybe some of these hair care lines from Korea might be interesting.

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