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Christmas gift idea #5 – Top 3 Cheap & best BB creams from Korea

Korea started the trend with BB creams decades ago. Available in a tube or as cushion foundation. Here are the top 3 best, cheap and affordable BB creams from Korea. 8-15 euros with free shipping from Korea!

If there is anyone who is an expert on BB creams, it’s Korea! These top 3 best Korean BB creams are almost cult classics in Korea. High quality, award-winning and high ratings in reviews. If you’re looking for a really good quality, but cheap & affordable BB cream, look no further. They all cost 8-15 euros with free shipping from Korea. Perhaps affordable korean christmas gift ideas for friends and family? It’s about time to order from Korea right now to get delivery around Christmas. Shipping usually takes about 2-4 weeks from Korea.

A BB cream is basically a face cream and foundation in one. Skin caring properties like hydration, SPF and anti-aging benefits. But also skin perfecting properties similar to a foundation. I’t like two products in one. The trend with BB creams started in Korea more than 10 years ago, and has now spread worldwide.

Top 3 Best & Cheap
BB creams from Korea

  1. β™₯ Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream
    This is like the most famous Korean BB cream ever. A true cult classic and award winning both in and outside of Korea. Unique wobbly jelly consistency. Cooling effect on the skin. Good medium coverage but still a very light texture. Buildable for more coverage. Suitable primarily for oily, combination or normal skin. Matte finish. Can get too matte and emphasize dry areas on really dry skin. Comes in 2 different shades.
    Price: 40ml / 10 euro (Free shipping from Korea)
  2. β™₯ Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream
    A very popular BB cream from Korea and also one of the cheapest ones. Good medium coverage but at the same time light and thin in texture. Popular classic holy grail product in Korea. Contains UV protection and anti-aging properties. Natural finish. Somewhat gray tone during application but oxidizes after a short while. Comes in several different shades.
    Price: 20ml / 5 euro or 50ml / 8 euro (Free shipping from Korea)
  3. β™₯ Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream
    Incredibly popular BB cream in Korea. Light and moisturizing BB cream with natural somewhat dewy finish and brightening glow. Creamy texture and good coverage. Suitable mainly for normal to dry skin. This product claims not to need any concealer or powder. It does all the work on its own! This product is only available in one single shade that is quite light.
    Price: 50ml / 15 euro (Free shipping from Korea)
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