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Top 3 Best Korean skin care products from 2016

Happy new year everyone!
Here are my top 3 best and most affordable Korean skin care products I discovered in 2016. Suitable for most skin types!

All these Korean skin care products are definitely worth trying and suitable for most skin types, young and old, from oily, combination skin to dry or mature skin. Good quality korean skin care at a cheap affordable price. Here are my top 3 best favorite skin care products from Korea which I discovered in 2016!

Products in this video:
β™₯ Thefaceshop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Oil
β™₯ Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Oil
β™₯ Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask / Sheet mask
β™₯ Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence

Happy New year 2017!
I will start blogging for real in about 2 weeks. Hope you’ll join me then! It’s going to be an exciting year.

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