Korean nail polish Skinfood Nail Vita Alpha, baby pink barbie color #APK10 shade. Korean skin care k-beauty Europe

Korean nail polish Skin Food Nail Vita Alpha, baby pink in color #APK10

The next package from Korea was the Korean nail polish Skinfood Nail Vita Alpha in color APK10. A typical baby pink Barbie shade.

If you look really really close, Korean nail polish Skinfood Nail Vita Alpha seem to contain micro shimmer of gold, and I mean micro. Over all, I would say this color is glitter and shimmer free in a baby pink shade that seem to be full coverage. No transparency at all!? Soon, we’ll do a test to see if this is the case …

Skinfood Nail Vita Alpha is a very cheap and affordable Korean nail polish. But I thought that the shade #APK10 would be somewhat lighter, or a more “milky” color. We’ll see how this nail polish looks on the nails soon enough. This is a real Barbie pink color to say the least. The perfect baby pink shade without any glitter or shimmer …

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