Korean nail polish better than OPI? Nail products from Korea! Korean skin care K-beauty Europe

Korean nail polish better than OPI? Nail products from Korea!

I’m kinda excited to try out nail polish from Korea! One thing is for sure, Korean nail polishes are cheap & affordable. Have a nice Sunday everyone!

I’ve just become interested in Korean makeup and nail polish since I bought the Peripera Peri’s Tint Water from Korea. A makeup (lip) product I use almost every day by the way! I love pretty nails and I used to do manicure almost every week before I had children. Now I’m lucky if I have time for a french manicure before filming K-beauty Europe videos.
All for you, dear readers!

Any how, I need a new nail polish remover, and I thought I’d try something from Korea this time! I usually buy an affordable nail polish remover from Lidl or something. Yes, I’m cheap! And why not buy a couple of new Korean nail polishes while I’m at it?

Korean nail polish

Anyway, I’ve started researching nail polishes from Korea, and Korean brand Peripera have received very good reviews & ratings on their polishes. Here are some quotes about Peripera nail polish, “The best nail polish I’ve ever tried” and “Perfect cover on the first application” and “Better than OPI”. Peripera’s nail polish seems give full coverage with only one application, sounds good to me!

Top 5 best & cheap
Korean nail polish:

β™₯ Etude House
Cheap and high quality nail polish with great variety of colors. Also glitter, metallic or shimmer finish.
Price from 3.50 euro (Free Shipping from Korea)

β™₯ Innisfree
Innisfree, the most natural eco friendly nail polish of them all. Available in many different shades, colors, shimmers, glitters and sparkles.
Price: From 4 euros (Free Shipping from Korea)

β™₯ Skinfood
Skinfood offers cheap nail polish from 2.50 euro for a full size bottle. There are base coats, top coats, colors, shimmers, glitter nail polish and more.
Price: 2.50 euro (Free Shipping from Korea)

β™₯ TonyMoly
Tonymoly’s cheap nail polishes costs from 2.50 euro for full size 8ml bottle. Available in lots of different colors, glitters and fun crazy effects. All kinds if nail polish styles.
Price: From 2.50 euro (Free Shipping from Korea)

β™₯ Peripera
High quality, good coverage, pretty bottles and endless colors and finishes on the Peripera nail polishes. High ratings in reviews online. Can’t find Peripera’s nail polish on Ebay unfortunately. Not a cheap price range when searching online.
Price: About 10 euro / pcs

I would very much like to try the Peripera nail polish because they’ve recieved good ratings both in Korea and Europe. But Peripera’s nail polishes are much more expensive than all the other Korean brands on Ebay. Maybe I’ll try Etude House or Innisfree instead? I’ll look for the best priceses on Korean nail polishes on Ebay, then I’ll get back to you with my order.

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