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#Beautyhack – How to maximize a korean sheet mask

Get the most out of your korean sheet mask. Best beauty hacks and tips on how to maximize the results and effects of your sheet mask from Korea.

Sure, a Korean sheet mask is not very expensive, true that! Korean sheet masks are cheap & affordable and cost about 1-5 euros / pc on Ebay with free shipping from Korea. But of course you want to maximize the results of your sheet mask anyway. Here are my best tips and beauty hacks to get as much out of your korean sheet mask as possible.

How to maximize your Korean sheet mask

  • Select a sheet mask which for your specific skin needs. For example, hydrating, anti-aging or anti-inflammatory and soothing.
  • A warm bath or steam opens up the pores and make the skin more susceptible to a sheet mask and its effects.
  • Use a deeply cleansing facial scrub before applying your sheet mask so the skin is properly exfoliated before application.
  • Prepare your skin with proper cleansing, toner, essence and serum before applying your sheet mask.
  • Don’t forget to unfold all the pieces of your sheet mask, for example the small part for the nose.
  • Read the instructions on the package before applying. Too short time of durration doesn’t give a maximum effect on the skin, and too a long durration might cause the sheet mask to actually pull moisture out of the skin instead of hydrating the skin.
  • Most sheet masks are double-sided, which means there is essence on both sides. Turn the mask half time to get a new dose of refreshing & nourishing essence.
  • When the time is up, turn the mask (if you haven’t already) and use the leftover essense on your chest and décolleté.
  • Pat in the leftover essence after removing your sheet mask. Then the skin can absorb as much essence as possible.
  • Sve the essence left in the package for later. Or apply on the neck, chest, hands and arms while the sheet mask is on your face.
  • Save the leftover essence in the package and apply the next night for double hydrating effect. Use a clothespin or similar to seal the packaging.
  • You can also soake pads in the leftover essence to put under your eyes, on your chest or hands. Or make a new miniature sheet mask the next day.

One smart tip to maximize your sheet mask is to save the leftover essence from the packaging and apply the next day in your skin care routine. Double the effect of one single sheet mask, I’ll do that tonight!

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