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New member of the K-beauty testing panel: Sensitive combination skin 35+

I just realized I forgot to present our 5th member of the K-beauty testing panel. My best friend with sensitive combination skin 35+

When my best best friend wanted to try out Korean skin care a while ago, I was really excited. She has previously used all kinds of expensive specialized salon brands, so she knows what quality skin care means. She went all in and ordered everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! See her complete order from Korea here. We bought everything from double cleansing to the essence, moisturizer and eye cream. All products from Korea. Of course she should join the testing panel, don’t you think! For those of you who saw the video presentation the other day, you’ve already seen a glimpse of her. Learn more about the entire K-beauty testing panel here.

Describing her skin in her own words:
I had pretty mixed skin without acne or any noticeable pimples until I stopped taking the pill four years ago. I have been on the pill since my teens to control hormones and acne. When I stopped, I have gone through some periods of pimples & breakouts, especially around the jaw line, mostly on the left side. But my skin is getting better and better right now, partly because I cleans properly, and partly because my body is getting in better balance.

There will be many more updates about my friend’s Korean skin care routine, and how she likes the products. I’ll share her Korean favourites and what didn’t work. Stay tuned, especially if you have sensitive combination skin!

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