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My sister got rid of acne & pimples using Korean skin care!

Here’s a quick update on my sister. She have typical young combination acne prone skin. She has used Korean skin care for a few months now.

I met my sister yesterday, and OMG, let me tell you! Her skin is flawless.
She is in her 20s, typical young acne prone, combination skin. Before, she often got breakouts and pimples especially during stress. She has used Korean skin care for a few months now, and what a change in her skin! I think I saw one very small pimple on her entire face, that’s it. All of her acne and pimples, blemishes, spots, everything is just gone! She doesn’t even understand herself how good her skin is right now. I’m amazed having not seen her for a while! I’ll show you some more before and after images of my sister’s skin later on.

Here are the Korean skin care products she have tested so far. My sister says that the 2 most crucial products from Korea that has really made a huge difference on her skin, and healed out her acne and pimples are  undoubtedly:

OST Vitamin Serum C20

OST Vitamin Serum C20 is a serum with high concentration of natural vitamin C. This product basically dries out and reduces acne, pimples & blemishes so quickly that you can see a difference within 24h. This Korean serum also heals acne scars and reduces wrinkles & lines. OST Vitamin C20 Serum didn’t work on my dry skin unfortunately. This korean product is still very exfoliating and highly concentrated. I mean, vitamin C is basically an acid, right? My skin felt too tight and dry. Use only 2-3 drops at a time, not more. Well, this serum from Korea has worked wonders on my sisters acne, pimples, spots and blemishes.

Missha Time Revolution
The First Treatment Essence

Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence is a very very popular skin care product in Korea, and supposed to be a dupe for SKII. This essence has really grown on me since I first tested this product a while ago. I wasn’t too impressed at first. This Korean skin care product seems to do wonders for all skin types. It’s hard to explain, but the active ingredient is fermented yeast which helps cell regeneration. The skin just becomes just so fresh and nice looking. Acne, blemishes, spots and pimples just seem to disappear. The skin becomes flawless. I can’t live without Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence, and I recommend everyone to try this amazing korean essence.
It’s great!

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